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Jul 6, 2006 05:28 PM

knoxville restaurants

We recently moved to Knoxville, TN and are used to the restaurants in the Washington DC area. We are also ardent travelers. Any suggestions for high quality, reasonable priced restaurants in Knoxville. So far, our favorite is Bravo on Bearden Hill even though it is a chain. We'd love to find some local spots. Help! please.

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  1. Hi! Welcome to 'K-Town' I'm a transplanted New Yorker myself and struggled with the restaurant issue too. Catinella's Bistro is perhaps the best Italian food you'll get in Knoxville. Bring your own wine...Savarelli's has got great atmosphere but the food is OK...bring your own wine. These are non-chain restaurants. Litton's is a local favorite and has fantastic desserts...also not chain. The breads and rolls are all homemade. Chop House has fantastic steaks, burgers, onion rings and Big Orange Potaoes and Puleos is pretty good, too...I have had inconsistant experiences there...the menu reads well but service and execution are unpredictable. Tomo on Kingston Pike is well regarded for Japanese/sushi but I don't eat too much seafood this far away from the ocean. Bone Fish Grill is very good but is a chain...still it's very good. The BEST Mexican is Soccer Taco...I know the name and paint job are deceptive...Pelanchos is very good and has atmosphere. Market Square has some real nice places...I haven't hit a clunker yet. Roman's Pizza is the closest to NYC-style you'll find but you HAVE to ask them to make sure the crust is cooked. And it takes forever. The owner tries his hand at Italian pastry but the results don't look as good as they probably taste. M&M Catering...the cinder block shack on Middlebrook Pike next to the Maytag laundomat, has the best BBQ in's not a restaurant, though, and you have to eat the gi-normous sandwiches in your car or on the grass. Finally, Best Bagels has the best bagels...almost New York City but just barely misses the mark...they are on the corner of Kingston Pike and Ebenezer. Good luck and learn to love BBQ!

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. We have been to Savelli's and Puelo's and agree with your comments. Sounds as if you have the same "taste" as we do. We will try your suggestion's while we continue to look for fresh tasting food. We will be at Soccer Taco next weekend. Don't bother with Abuelo's. The chips are greasy and cold. We did find the best butcher in town--Carruther's on Bearden Hill. Thanks again and let's continue to exchange "finds."

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            it's in south knoxville, near the kroger: 4132 Martin Mill Pike, Knoxville, TN 37920. do a google search on it, you'll also find other knoxville restaurants related threads:


        1. Here are my picks: Nama on Gay st. for very solid sushi. A bit pricey, but well worth it. Greg, the owner has also opened up a great mexican restaurant in Market square, LaCosta. Delicious margaritas, I haven't tried the food yet. Stir Fry Cafe (2 locations) good asian fusion...service is inconsistent. For GREAT soul food, go to Chandler's on Magnolia Ave.

          1. A few more I'd like to add;

            Northshore Brasserie on Northshore at Pellissippi. My new favorite in town, don't miss the lobster club on the lunch menu! Typical bistro menu done very well for this area

            By the Tracks Bistro, Kingston Pike.

            Chez Guevara, in the shopping center with Toy's US, great pork chill rellnos with rasins & mole.

            A Taste of Savana, great sandwichs and daily cuban specials, Lovall Rd. shopping center.

            Edison Park Steak House, in Farragut on Cambell Station. Excellent wine list and Steaks. They also do wine tasting dinners.

            Copper Celler at Berden Hill also does great Steaks & Prime Rib. I know we are not close to the ocean but they're oysters on the half shell are fantastic.

            Tomato Head on Market Square.

            You can look up menus on

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