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Jul 6, 2006 05:00 PM

inundated by near-pornographic sized zucchini... help!

the greater question is why I am compelled to plant zucchini every year... but that is not a discussion for this board.

as I stare out in to my garden, I think if I watch closely I can see them growing before your eyes... you think, oh, I'll just leave this one on the plant for another day and come back and its doubled in size.

I've made bread, I've grilled it, sauteed it, made zucchini "rellenos", I'm planning a zucchini parmesan this weekend... but I'm near ready to rip out the plant to end the madness. any "new" ideas for zucchini???

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  1. Put a basket of them out at the end of your driveway with a huge "FREE!!!" sign? :-)

    Sorry - can't help you with other uses. I've got a friend in the San Diego area who does the same as you - plants way too many pepper/tomato/whatever plants and has countless peppers on her counter right now.

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      I agree with Linda. Why not give away the zucchinis? I'm sure neighbors, friends, and acquaintances would love to put their culinary skills to good use too!

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        I should have mentioned in my post, i have a very prolific plant.. people are already running away when they see me coming.

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          Apparently, when my brother was a toddler and attended a daycare run from someone's home, my mother dropped him off one day only to be confronted with a huge basket of zucchini with a sign attached threatening that if parents didn't take some home, they couldn't leave their children [g].

    2. I've made zucchini slaw - asian/thai style. Shredded it up with a julieene peeler, long strips, some soy, sesame oil, shredded carrots, green onion, red pepper flakes (not too much!), a bit of fresh ginger, cider vinegar, some chopped up mangos or maybe some other tropical fruit.

      No real recipe, I just kind of add what I think it needs here and there till it tastes right. Quite refreshing on a hot day.]


      1. My old Italian Nonna used to cut it up in rounds, saute in a little olive oil with garlic and mint, pinch of salt, and finish with a spoon of sugar and champagne vinegar. Serve room temp or even cold. Lasts for days in the fridge, even gets better as the flavors meld together. She would do the same with pumpkins. Good luck!

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          Yes - like asparagus "patties" - I was going to suggest zucchini patties. I don't know about the champagne vinegar but sounds good to me. So delicious and I agree on the cold/leftover, a bit of salt. They're kind of a staple "side" for big family dinners.

        2. I would make confetti bread. There are 2 types-sweet and cake like or yeast based traditional bread. Both freeze really well and makes a great hostess gift. I usually make a dozen or so mini loaves of the sweet kind, wrap tightly and freeze. If I am heading to a friends house I take one out, wrap in colored or festive plastic wrap. That and bottle of wine (or good Kona coffe if they don't drink) is a great way to says thanks for having us!

          I don't have the recipe with me but googling came up with lots of yeast based breads. For the sweet kind I just replace 1/4 of the zucchini w/ shredded carrots in your basic zucchini bread recipe.

          1. I used to make lasagna out of excess home grown zucchini.

            Instead of using pasta, I cut the zucchini into strips similar to lasagna noodles. Prepare the same way as "regular lasagna".

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              This is so unbelievably good! Perfecto for those not wanting noodle carbs. Google zucchini Noodle lasagna. Follow directions about zapping out some of the water.