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Jul 6, 2006 04:49 PM

Ebb Tide Seafood and Lobster Shack, Port Chester--anyone been? Worth a trip?

Wondering if anyone's been to this place.

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  1. I guess the question would be a trip from where? I haven't eaten there, but I did buy lobsters from there a few years ago. At the time it was basically a store in an industrial part of Port Chester with a few tables on the side. Ambiance was zero. I'd assume the seafood would be very fresh, but can't comment on the preparation.

    1. I have been there many times. For Westchester, it's as close as we can get to a seafood "shack". The menu changes from day to day. I have had their chowder (okay),soft shell crab in a sandwich (wonderful) and most recently, monkfish in a red calamari sauce, which was really fresh and delicious. They have steamers, crab cakes, and other kinds of fresh fish. I was won over by the fresh tomato salad they put on each plate as a garnish (I would go there for that alone). My kids are "land lubbers" and go for the foot long hot dog.

      That being said, I don't think the prices are any bargains. A simple lunch will set you back $11+ (without a drink). But there is something about taking a quick drive to Port Chester and eating out on the deck in the sun. We've watched the duck family across the channel nest & hatch and grow over these past few months. It's peaceful, I've never seen the place too crowded.

      1. I'm a big fan of Ebb Tide. Service is slow at the counter, prices are not cheap, but I personally love the atmosphere outside, good menu/items. I go for lunch often on the weekends and as RJKA replied, it depends where you are coming from. I visit from White Plains and I'm comfortable with that (15-20 mins.). Don't know if I would visit from the Hudson side of the County.
        I have been ordering the fried clam bellies but they are "always" out of them - I wonder if they ever really have them. I haven't had a decent order since Boston.

        1. just posted this above in a similar thread:
          although the food i've had is good, i'm not that gung-ho about them. fish sandwich is very good. and lobster dinner as well (i think 18.95 for steamed lobster, corn and chowder).

          but there are little things about them that are off: after a meal, i tried to help bus my table (seemed semi-appropriate for the ordering scheme: order at counter, food brought to you at table), but one of the staff sniped at me to leave the stuff alone. hey, just trying to help out, ya know? also their lobster roll is premade with lobster AND crab. not good for my companion when he's allergic to crab but loves lobster. -->mild rant here: why don't they advertise this as a lobster/crab roll?

          i really WANT to like them, but i've always felt somewhat disappointed every time i leave.

          a side note here: been to westfair fish and chips in westport, ct numerous times over the past few months, and i absolutely LOVE the place. when given the choice between ebb tide and westfair, undoubtedly i would choose westfair, regardless of the extra driving distance....

          zswp, if you have access to a car, you could either go to westport, or bigelow's (rockville center, LI) for your clam belly fix.

          1. Thank you 'cervisiam' for the tips.
            I agree with alot of your comments, however I did order the lobster roll on my last visit and although I didn't love it I did know it had crab - not sure if it said it up on the board or on the printed menus - maybe it was added - I did like the bread part. Also, I always bus my own table and I thought that was what was expected also - who knows.
            Definitely going to check out you Ct. rec's. ZSWP