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Jul 6, 2006 04:36 PM

Planning a World Cup Final party--inventive ideas for food to serve?

A France-Italy final is probably the easiest combination of food for a party in NYC, but I'd love some Chowhound thoughts on easy appetizers that go beyond cheese, olives, and smoked meats. I've been thinking about interesting bruschetta/crostini toppings, and considering pissaladiere, but I haven't had any great ideas. Everything needs to be decent at room temperature, since once the game starts, all attention will be on the TV. If anyone has a great tarte tatin recipe, I would greatly appreciate it. There are a ton online, so I'd appreciate a specific recommendation. Also, if anyone has a great idea for a simple Algerian/North African/French dish, I'd love to honor the great Zidane :)

Thank you!

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  1. How about something interesting with crepe's? You could stuff them with all kinds of interesting things from sweet to savory. Kind of a cliche, but what the heck.

    I'm glad to see I found the one other person watching the World Cup on this continent! <grin> (yes - I've been taping the games)

    ETA: Which country's wine are you going to serve? That's a tough call!

    1. What about a Parisian style panini? When I was in paris they were all over and most of them were mozzarella and chicken with basil and the bread was rubbed with tomatoes and drizzled in olive oil (ah, parisian street food).

      Also, you need some Kronenburg 1664 and some Birra Peroni for sure.

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        Do you mean a tartine? I think sandwiches of the world would be easier than a crepe menu -- panini's (pressed) and tartine's (open faced sandwiches) would be lovely.

        And I definitely will be serving/consuming wines of both nations just to be fair. :-)

      2. Couple of thoughts ..

        1. Local wine bar here serves a Bruschetta that is topped with Marcapone cheese and figs - awesomely good.

        2. When ever I am with the French relatives (Loire Valley Area) we tend to do Champagne for apertifs and my uncle always has a nice choice of liquers or fruit nectars for various types of Kirs and this little pre-meal event is always accompanied bygreat little crackers. I am thinking a place like Cost Plus or a Trader Joes (Whole Foods) might carry somthing. Image a cracker not bigger than a quarter that is topped with herbs and some great Parm - this is the idea. If you can't find something these could easily be made starting with a good cocktail type cracker and some innovative toppings.

        3. Melon and procuitto - what can I say it's a classic.



        1. Great, thanks a lot! I think crepes will require too much prep time, considering that my ultimate focus, for once in my life, is away from the food. I love the mascarpone/figs bruschetta idea, and some juice for fruity, fizzy cocktails.

          1. The original comment has been removed