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Don't come home without CANOLI!

I am on a mission to bring rock em sock em canoli (plural?) to a dinner party tonight with a Italian theme.

I work downtown and the party's betwix Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The last canoli post on the board was a couple years ago (I LOVE the new search feature), so I think it's time for an update.

Bring me ricotta or bring me death.

Long live the Chow.

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  1. You could always get the shells and the filling separate at Eagle Rock Italian Bakery and fill them yourself with a $1 piping tip and a $0.01 zip top bag... I don't know any Italian bakeries between downtown and BH.

    They also have great cannoli at Pinocchio/Monte Carlo in Burbank, if that's any easier... but I don't know if they do the filling separate for takeaway.

    1. You can get cannoli at Sorrento. It's an Italian market/deli in Culver City that folks around cc really like; lots of interesting Italian groceries, family owned and operated. I am no cannoli expert, but they tasted pretty good to me.

      5518 Sepulveda Blvd
      Culver City

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        Call first, they don't always have them, or make them fresh. Ask them. Cannolis obviously need to be made fresh, as if not the shells go soft, yuk. If you had more time you could mail order from Veniero's in NYC, which mails you the shells and the filling in a separate pastry bag.

        1. re: slacker

          It's been years since I went to Sorrento's, but I have tried their cannolies, and it was mediocre at best. Actually, it was below mediocre. But then, I've had REAL cannolies from Boston and NYC, so I think my expectations were too high.

        2. Also: use the search engine to search "cannoli" with two "n"s and you will find more prior posts than if you search "canoli" with one.

          1. The best Cannoli's in Los Angeles are at Nicolosi Pastry Shop in Encino. 17450 Ventura Bl, Encino (818)789-0922

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              Seconded. I have a bad canoli habit, and Nicholosi does it best. They'll make an order of mini-canoli for a party ahead of time if you call.

              1. re: Naama

                I forgot about Nicolosi! I go there for sfogliatelle, but their cannoli ARE really good.

            2. al gelato actually makes pretty good cannolis, that are freshly piped in and ultra rich, i think it's two to an order.

              1. okay, ordered from al gelato on robertson.

                $5.25 EACH plus tax. Tans my hide.

                Everything I've ever had there has been amazing. My boyfriend talks about their apple pie in his sleep.

                Thanks, hounds.

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                1. re: littlemissbusiness

                  Good God. I think the ones at Nicolosi are $2 each.

                  1. re: littlemissbusiness

                    tans my hide?

                    were the cannolis, good or not?

                    and i should have mentioned good, but by no means best.

                    1. re: kevin

                      "tans my hide" - tan as in to thrash or beat. Basically- 'that pisses me off'.
                      i.e.: "O man, I do stand, and he makes me to stand,
                      The tanner that stands thee beside;
                      He is a bonny blade, and master of his trade,
                      For soundly he hath tand my hide."

                      And the Al Gelato cannoli? Too sweet- overpowering. Will go back for the apple pie and gelato again and again, but nevermore for cannoli.

                  2. I have gotten great Cannoli at Palermo. I don't know if they make them or buy them but they are delicious. The location might work well for you too.

                    Palermo Restaurant
                    1858 N Vermont Ave.
                    Los Angeles, CA 90027
                    Phone: 323-663-1178

                    1. Best Cannolis in L.A. are at the Gelson's Bakery in Tarzana - bar none - delicious - 3 bucks a piece I think.