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Jul 6, 2006 04:08 PM

Looking for excellent falafel, hummus, gyros and moussaka!

My home base is the South Shore but I occasionally get into the city. I love Middle eastern and Greek food and the best place I have found near me is in the Merchant Row Market Place in Hanover but I am looking to expand my selections for casual eat in or take out. The chances of me getting to Watertown for a weekend meal is, unfortunately, slim yet when searching the site ("greek food") most posts were focused in that area. So is there any great food in Boston proper or points South??

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  1. Hi,

    There's a nice place in Quincy, called Webster's. It's a Lebanese/Middle Eastern place. They have excellent kibbe, stuffed grape leaves (veggie and meat), fatoush salads, and the falafel/hummous/tabouleh/baba ghanoush/schwarma are all excellent as well. It's not a Greek place, per se, so I don't think they have moussaka, but I don't remember for sure.

    Here's the information, and a map. It's in a little strip mall off of Quincy Ave. (Rte 53), just south of Quincy Center, and just north of the Kam Man Marketplace:

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      I went to Webster's Eatery several years ago and ordered a kabob plate and wasn't impressed at all with it. Then a few weeks ago, I stopped by there for lunch and had a great falafal wrap sandwich and the price wasn't bad at all either. I wouldn't say it is a destination for dining. I definitely wouldn't make a trip from Boston just to go there. But, if you are in the neighborhood it is a good lunch option.

      Webster's menu is a mix of Lebanese and American. They have other offerings like burgers, onion rings, fries, etc. The decor is nothing special and is very much like a pizza joint with booths and a few tables.

      I will have to try out the place in Hanover that foodiex2 mentioned above. I didn't even know it existed.

      1. re: mangorita

        I haven't tried the kabobs. I've had the other items I mentioned, and I was very pleased with all of them. Everything was fresh and tasty, and very reasonably-priced. You definitely go for the food, and not the atmosphere, though; this is true enough.

    2. There's a casual spot on State Street called Sultan's Kitchen. It's Turkish but they have your traditional kabobs, hummous and babaghanoush. I think it's pretty good. I'm not sure if it's open on weekends since I only ever go during the work week.

      1. Rami's in Brookline. The best in town.

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        1. Not many places south of Boston that have good Middle Eastern food. I hear that Byblos in Norwood is very good, but I haven't tried it yet. Webster's sounds interesting; I'll have to give that a shot.

          In Boston, I'd say that Sultan's Kitchen and Rami's are both excellent. Also, the Reef Cafe in Allston is very good. Cafe Jaffa in the Back Bay has good Middle Eastern food, too.

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            in the event that you are looking for a particular style of middle eastern fare, reef cafe is lebanese and cafe jaffa is israeli.

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              Byblos is delicious and will be perfect if you want a nice sit down dinner. See my recent posting on if you want to.

              Also, you cannot go wrong with Reef Cafe, whether you eat there or take it home.

            2. One needs to be careful, or lucky at Websters. At least at lunch time, their food can be unremarkable. Perhaps the transition from typical american breakfasts, to their lebanese entres, require more time. For my two lunches there, I left rather unimpressed. I may give them one more try, later in the day. Provided I can get past the culinary delights, available at Kam Man Plaza.