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Jul 6, 2006 03:45 PM

Greek Town?

Heading to Greek Town for the 1st time next weekend and need to know which restaurant is the place to go for a party of 4.
Food is very important but the "fun, greek town" experience is a must as well.
Where should we go?

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  1. This recent thread should be helpful. Plus, type "Greek" into the search engine above and you'll find many other threads.


    For what it's worth: I've never had a bad meal at any Greektown restaurant. You will have a wonderful time.

    1. My husband took me to Chicago for my 40th birthday in 2004 and we had dinner at Santorini and it was a true evening to remember. My experience with Greek food was iffy at best and the staff guided us, fed us, celebrated with us and I would go back in a heartbeat.

      1. Greektown is a great choice. The competition is fierce so the food quality is high and prices low. I've been dining in Greektown for nearly four decades and have tried them all. My current favorites are Greek Islands and Santorini. Greek Islands at Halsted and Adams is packed daily with 300-500 tourists and locals. I've never been disappointed here...quite the contrary, my wife and I are always amazed at the high food quality, vibrant atmosphere, incredible flavors, and reasonable prices. Santorini also at Hasted and Adams has a more serene intimate feel but can still pack a punch in the fun departent. The entree prices are a few dollars more but not expensive by any means. They are well known for their seafood and lamb dishes. The char-grilled squid I had a couple of days ago was fantastic. I must admit that Greek Islands chicken dishes and soups are superior. The whole red snapper I had the other day at Greek Islands was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious and a bargain compared to most restaurants!

        1. There may be better, more esoteric places, but Greek Islands is pretty much the standard bearer for Greek Town. It's a good place to start.

          1. Santorini is outstanding. The Greeks I know love Roditys and Athena (especially nice in the summer for outdoor dining) and there is always, per previous mentions, Greek Islands, which I find a bit inconsistent but most often pretty good.

            After eating, don't neglect Artopolis for dessert, drinks and great Halsted/Greektown people watching.

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              I too love Rodity's. Thier avgolemeno, spanakopita, and homemade gyros are outstanding. Yes people, homemade gyros...greasy but delicious and far better than the local gyro joint! Stop at the bar and say hello to Tasso, the longtime bartender. What a great guy!
              Athena is all show and no real action...food is so so. Great patio! My Greek friends love Greek Islands, Santorini, Rodity's and Parthenon. Like I said earlier, my current favorites are Greek Islands and Santorini. Frankly, you can find an excellent dish or two at all of the Greektown restaurants.