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Bates House of Turkey

Please let me know about this place and how to get there. Is is far off I 65?

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  1. Bates House of Turkey is right off Greenville exit 130 on I-65. If you're heading south, it is just to the right and across the street from the exit ramp. It is *very* easy to find, as they have lettering on the roof of the restaurant.

    I've eaten here before, but only once - I remember thinking that it wasn't quite as good as I wanted it to be, and that it was just a little more expensive than I perceived it should have been.

    Now, that was just my experience - they surely have a fan base, because they stay pretty busy! If you go, please put your experience here too. Thanks!

    1. It is just OK, but I do not know of another lunch spot off the interstate in that area. It sure beats eating fast food. I had the Turkey Club. Nothing great, but again, better than fast food, and also they have a cleaner restroom

      1. Going back some years, we stumbled upon Bates' Turkey Farm and were so impressed, that we drove out of our way on other trips to stop in. Having lived out of the South for many years, we now order holiday turkeys and hams from them and will continue to do so. Haven't actually dined there for a while, but it was exceptionally clean, with very good "home-style" food based primarily on smoked items. The service was very efficient and, in the area, I cannot image a better spot to dine. Obviously, it is family-oriented, rather than fine-dining.


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          I got a holiday turkey from them one year. Delicious. Never been to the restaurant, though.

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            Glad that you enjoyed it. We used to order from them annually, but for some reason have not done so recently. Maybe my wife loves seeing me do the "Cajun fried turkeys," and running around afire?

            We always enjoyed them, and were we traveling in the general area, we'd detour, in hopes that it was as good as in years past.


        2. A great place for lunch in Greenville is a little joint at the next exit south. If you are travelling south you would take the next exit after 130. You make a left off the exit, go under the interstate and it is on the right attached to a Shell gas station. They have BBQ, smoked meats and homemade pies. Great local food!

          1. Like many others who have responded we were very disappointed. We went b/c it was mentioned in the "100 places to eat in 'bama" promotion and was the only thing even remotely close to where we were. The turkey was dry and, quite frankly, the sandwich was like eating card board. I only remember bagged chips as side items.
            It is clean and it does beat "fast food"--but not by much--and it is one of the few non-chain offerings in that region of 'bama but I have no plans to return and we pass that way at least four times a year.

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              We usually stop here on the way to the beach- the turkey is good- I am pretty sure they also turkey salad- I think that they have other sides besides chips-you can get sliced meat or a turkey to take wtih you- it is a little pricey but it's better than a burger and fries- I am shocked at all of these reviews.

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                I've never tried Bates and the BBQ joint at the Greenville/Pine Apple exit was mentioned (Exit #128 on I-65, I believe) so I'll add on the BBQ joint at Exit #114 Georgiana (NW corner in a shack next to a gas station). Nothing fancy but just good, flavorful and moist barbecue...I had the pork sandwich last time as I recall. I travel that stretch A LOT so I'm always looking for something different and non-fast food-ish. If you're traveling south between Montgomery and Mobile, that is about the last decent meal you might hope to find for 100 miles.

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                  My parents picked up a whole smoked turkey for Christmas dinner, all we had to do is reheat it...and boy it was good. Bates was on the way home from college for me, and I went there quite a few times, and was never dissappointed. Not knock you socks off good, but what do you really expect from a smoked turkey house.