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Jul 6, 2006 03:31 PM

Incanto - recent reports?

Looking for some input for a possible dinner at Incanto. Also, is there a good place to request a table there, that might be quieter? Thanks.

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  1. Yum! We ate there about a week ago.

    I started with the tripe salad, my wife had a small serving of spaghetti with sardines, currants, and pine nuts.

    Mains were roasted lamb neck and the fish stew.

    The tripe salad was very interesting- the tripe offered no flavor and a good texture (very very thinly sliced). The flavors came from the "sauce" elements of lemon and other things that I don't remember.

    The pasta was surprising as we couldn't think how the flavor elements would come together but they did perfectly. The pasta was a true "al dente" which wouldn't have pleased me. If I order pasta I'll ask them to cook it more than their norm.

    The fish stew didn't sparkle. It was a Monday night and the fish had been around too long. Nuff said.

    The roasted lamb neck was heaven. A huge portion, wonderfully cooked, fun eatin!.

    The waiter was a little uninformed. When I asked about the preperation of the tripe salad he didn't have much information to offer other than the preperation of the tripe (cooked, frozen, then thin sliced). His ability to explain the red wines by the glass made think he never drank wine.

    All in all a great experience. I'd suggest you eat meat and not fish. If you're worried about cost you could have a salad and a large portion of pasta. If you don't know Italian wines I'd suggest you make them explain the list - the wines are not cheap.

    It's a small space but we didn't notice a noise factor. When you book your table ask them to put you in a quiet place if you prefer - I think Madam runs the front of house.