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Jul 6, 2006 03:20 PM

Ford`s Filling Station..any better??

Has the food and service improved yet?

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  1. The food is getting tighter... We tried in it's first week when it was a little shakey. The bread sticks looked like something out of the olive garden. The flat bread under done. The menu still not 'full' Plus as you noted, the service really unknowledgeable. But the main dishes were okay because they do use nice ingredents and good recipes.

    We went back last week and am happy to report a MUCH tigher ship food wise. The breadstick wonderful and crusty. They had the Ipswich fried clams and they were the best ones we've had here in the West (SO is from the east coast and has been on an illusive search for them!).

    Sadly, the service is still a bit 'detached' and terse. I sware, I think SO's sister was ready to slap our hurried waiter.... But I chalk it up to the nature of the place. It's still very celebrity centric. We saw Rene Russo float in and out that night...


    1. Went there a few weeks after they opened, and again a month or so ago. The first time I had those Ipswich clams, they were probably the best fried clams I've had; the second time, they were fried in oil that wasn't up to temperature. Aside from the clams (the first time) and desserts, nothing there has been outstanding, and some things have just been bad. Also got served capuccino in water glasses after a very long wait, and after we were almost finished with our deserts.

      We're not in Oklahoma (you know, Tulsa, home of the first FFS); there are too many good places to eat in L.A. for me to be spending my hard earned cash to try to like a place.

      1. i went for lunch last week and had a terribly mediocre meal.
        i had a french bread pizza and it tasted like ralphs brand baguette with a couple slices of prosciutto and some cubed flavorless white cheese on top. i prefer stouffers pizza, which is at least crunchy.

        we also shared a pulled pork sandwich. the bread was totally uninspired, and while grilled, had that spongey bad white bread texture, no bite or crunch, and the pork was aight.

        the pizza i cannot forgive, the sanwich, if it cost 4-6 dollars, i could forgive, but they each cost like 14 dollars!

        i got the fried ipswich clams and they were probably pre fried and sitting under a heat lamp because they were only warm and again, not crunchy. if i eat something deep fried, it better be crunchy dammit!

        the service was nice and they regularly refilled my arnold palmer.

        dude, what a bummer.

        1. I TRIED to make a reservation 3X last week. I first called 3 days before and was put on hold, then disconnected. Immediately called right back, but got a machine. I left the info again. THEN I called again the next day to confirm and got the machine again. I requested confirmation. Didn't hear back. It was not until a few hours before the actual reservation time that I finally got a call from Ford's to confirm. No excuses or apologies were offered. Needless to say by this time we had made other plans.

          Instead we had a wonderful and lovely dinner at Cafe del Rey. Perfect on all counts - food, service, attitude, view.
          BTW, on the child friendly front, they DO have a children's menu. The pup had a surprisingly decent cheese pizza (which I or course sampled).

          So I doubt I'll be trying Ford's in the future, but Cafe del Rey - mmmm.

          1. Try the Ipswich fried clams at the Seafare Inn on Whittier Blvd in Whittier! Real belly clams. Be sure to get the fish soup that is included wiuth the dinner! I'm from Mass. and grew up on fried clams!