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Jul 6, 2006 03:12 PM

Best SEAFOOD SHACK around MALIBU (similar to NEPTUNE'S)?

Hi All,

I've heard mixed things about Neptune's Net for seafood. Anyone have other suggestions. Love fresh crab, shellfish, etc.


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  1. Malibu Seafood on PCH - it's actually closer in to town than Neptune's.

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    1. re: JPomer

      I prefer Malibu Seafood to Neptune's Net. Lots of seating, and closer to boot, and yes, not so many bikers. Seafood is fresh - I like getting the fried shrimp more than the steamed shrimp. Colleagues like the fried fish sandwichs so I'll have to try that next time. Oh, and a bit of warning - the Ahi Tuna Sandwich is really more of a Ahi(Tuna) Salad sandwich than an Ahi Steak sandwich.

    2. Neptune Net is great for a cold beer on a hot day. Be warned that the bikers, while really nice, and fun to watch have very loud bikes and can upset the experience...I would suggest the steamed side for lobster, crab, shrimp and corn rather then the fried side, where everything frankly tastes the is a great treat after a early morning hike in the SM mountains.

      1. I agree...Malibu Saefood then Neptune's Net, definietly not The Reel Inn though! I went on father' s day, so I'll forgive the excruciating wait time to stand in line and order food- but the food was just marginal- not what I like from my seafood joints. The calamari was vile- it tasted and smelled fishy (yuck!) and the seared ahi tuna salad was overcooked tuna thrown on a bed of unimpressive lettuce. The atmoshpere was cute and the chowder decent, but I would recommend you stick to the other two places.

        1. I always go to Malibu Seafood, so can't say if it's the best. 3 reasons I go- really satisfies that good fried seafood craving, it's not as crowded as others, and great ocean view.

          1. Malibu Seafood, Period.