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Jul 6, 2006 03:07 PM

Eating in a Vineyard or Orchard

We're going to Italy for the first time and I have always had this romantic picture of eating in a vineyard or orchard.

I realized this idea came from an old (60s) movie set in Italy but likely an American film. It was about a small town where a young divorcee (maybe widow) came to live and upset all the women because their men were so interested in her. The women went on strike refusing to sleep with any of the husbands. Of course the young woman met a single man and all ends well but there is one scene where the whole town eats outside under trees possibly at a wedding dinner. I always thought that looked so beautiful and it has been linked to Italy in my mind since. Given that they were sheltered under trees it was likely an orchard or olive trees.

Besides wondering if anyone remembers this movie I was wondering if eating outside in the country is likely to be something we'll get a chance to do? Given that we are going in August I understand that it will likely be too hot to be enjoyable but something in my romantic spirit is hoping.

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  1. We were able to eat in gardens at Fattoria di Lilliano when we were there. We brought our own picnic, bought some of their reserva and had a wonderfully romantic time. It was early June and not too hot. The staff their was wonderful and treated us very nicely.

    The Lilliano Vineyards are in Tuscany near the eastern end of Chianti Classico region, just outside of Castellina.

    1. Thank you so much. I'll add this to the list of tips I'm compiling from this board.

      1. Where will you be visiting? I'm guessing that if you ask nicely, if a vineyard has a place outside, they'd be willing for you to eat there. Castello Banfi, for example, has a huge visitor's setup. Formal restaurant, casual restaurant/enoteca, and I can't remember if they also have a shop with food (cheese, bread, etc.) to go.

        In Monteriggioni, which is a lovely little walled town north of Siena, I recall seeing picnic tables among the olive trees right outside the town walls, between the parking area and the wall. I'm sure the olive trees are owned by somebody, and maybe the tables are for private use, but it might be a possibly to eat there with a picnic lunch. In Monteriggioni, both of the restaurants in town have beautiful outdoor gardens (though not a vineyard or an orchard), which isn't quite what you're looking for, but scenic and peaceful all the same. Many towns have restaurant with similar outdoor seating.

        Have a wonderful trip!

        1. We're going to Venice, Milan, Cinque Terres, Florence, a week just outside Sienna, Assisi and Rome.

          Monteriggioni must be close and during the time when we have a car so I'll add it to the list. Thanks