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Jul 6, 2006 02:54 PM

Best Lebanese?

Any suggestions for the best Lebanese food? Authentic kibbe, grape leaves etc.. Anywhere in Boston and surrounding areas. I have been to Samia's in West Roxbury.

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  1. Norwood has some options for you. Cedar Market, and a couple of restaurants (tho the names are escaping me at the moment...)

    1. The best Lebanese place that I have found is out in Worcester. El Basha is a family owned place that has expanded over the years to have three locations. This is the only place that I have found that really compares to my gramma's home cooking!

      1. I used to like Sepal for Lebanese food, but they are no longer in Watertown. Cafe Barada in Cambridge has excellent Syrian and Lebanese food. And the Reef Cafe in Allston also has excellent Syrian and Lebanese food.

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          I second Cafe Barada. My BF is Israeli and it is one of the few places we've eaten MidEastern out that we BOTH actually love. Prices a little bit higher than most of the others mentioned here, but well worth it. Reef is good, as long as the mother is around. Our experience is when she is not there, the food suffers tremendously. As for Sepal, I was sorry to see them leave, but they went downhill so dramatically in the past year that I figured something was up. Last time there (~4-5 months ago) I was served rancid, clear-colored olive oil, mealy hummus made from canned chick peas and dried-out reheated falafels. What a shame!

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            Sepal has moved onto the MIT campus but is still open to the public.


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              They are just open for lunch, though, aren't they? I miss the one in Watertown, but yes, it did seem to go downhill a bit toward the end.

          2. I haven't been since last year, but we really liked Reef Cafe in Allston, and the family is SO nice.

            1. Byblos in Norwood is excellent. We always we get one of the family platters and it's all great.
              Here's their site: