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Jul 6, 2006 02:22 PM

World Cup Final--French Fan

Hi, I'm coming into the city on Sunday, and would like to watch the World Cup final somewhere that I could: a) be surrounded by French fans; b) arrive around noon and have a good lunch and; c) see the game reasonably well (huge screen would be nice, but I'll settle for a visible screen). Any suggestions?

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  1. Boehmian Hall is Astoria is a madhouse for worldcup, a huge outdoor beer garden with good czech food. They have 4 or 5 screens setup outside. Only worries would be getting in, and getting so drunk you cant find your way back home.

    1. you could try cafe charbon on orchard and stanton. not huge screens, but several of them and definitely easy to see. decent bistro food, very vocal french fans.

      1. Zucco's, also on Orchard, will fit the bill, but good luck getting in - it's tiny.

        1. Opia on 57th St. between Park And Lexington will be filled with the French and large screens. Call today and make a reservation. If they are booked, you may be able to see the action from a screen set up in the upstairs area outside of the restaurant. Big scene, but fun if you are rooting for the French.