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Jul 6, 2006 02:22 PM

Golden Thai? Or Thai near Richmond and Jarvis.

Any opinions? Just moved into the neighbourhood, Salad King is a bit too far to walk for lunch. Any Thai closer to Richmond and Jarvis? Not Young Thailand please.

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  1. Golden Thai is good, but it's not cheap to begin with, and when you take into account the size of the servings it's actually expensive.

    A cheaper one is Buppha Thai on Queen just west of Jarvis. But I think they might be a sister restaurent of Young Thailand. Do you have issues with Young's restaurent (service/food) or owners?

    Note: their website is totally screwed up in browsers other than Internet Explorer. In FireFox, I can only see the pages by viewing the html source and typing in the URL. (Example on why NOT to rely on Microsoft.



    1. Young Thailand? I had a bad experience (stomach after affects etc...) a week ago with their buffet. Plus they only took cash. Not sure if the Church location is run by the same people as the John Street location anymore.

      Will try Bhuppa.

      1. I love Golden Thai - it is not super cheap but I think the price is very reasonable. I am a big fan of the spicy calamari, golden thai tofu, tamarind shrimp and the red curry. Of course, you must chase it down with a Singha.