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Jul 6, 2006 01:35 PM


Hey Chowhounds I am very excited for my meal at Babbo tonight and I realize there are a lot of posts about this restaurant but My question is what do I get for apps and antipasta? Also I love pasta do I get the pasta tasting menu or order a la carte, if a la carte what do u reccomend thanks so much

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  1. The word you are looking for is "antipasto" (singular) or
    "antipasti" (plural).

    Also, the Babbo menu follows the traditional Italian format of antipasti, primi, and secondi. The antipasti is what you might think of as an appetizer. The primi are pasta dishes. The secondi are meat/fish/etc. entrees. A traditional meal would include a course from all three (the Contorni you'll see on the menu are vegetable side dishes that would traditionally be served along side another dish). Many people opt not to eat a dish from all three because it's a lot of food. If you fall into that category, consider sharing: i.e. for two people, order one antipasto, one pasta dish, and two secondi, etc.

    Next, order the dishes you like. We can't tell you what to order because, first, we don't know your taste, and second, part of the experience is reading the menu and seeing what excites you.

    Finally, tasting menus are also a lot of fun, though they can be expensive and/or a lot of food. I haven't had the Babbo tasting menu, though.

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      I went to Babbo last week and had the pasta tasting menu. I wouldn't recommend it though since it's way too much food. If you order a la carte, here are some dishes I recommend:

      Asparagus and Ricotta Mezzalune
      Pappardelle Bolognese
      Garganelli Fungi Trifolati (sp?)
      Lemon Semolina Pudding

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        Hey!!! An actual useful reply. Woo hoo!!!

        That all sounds great. When I get up there in Feb. I will try to followyour advice. Thanks! Tug

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        1. these are some of my favorites:

          raw porcini
          "neci con funghi misti"

          buactini with guanciale and hot pepper and pecorino
          pappardelle bolognese
          beef cheek ravioli
          pumpkin lune

          duck!!! soooooo good
          barbecued skirt steak
          braised beef

          saffron panna cotta

          1. I loved the papparedelle bolognese and beef cheek ravioli. We had the pappardelle as an appetizer. For dessert the lemon budino was excellent. I would definitely recommend sharing over the tasting menu unless it is only 2 people. This way you will sample more different things. We were 3 and had planned on the tasting menu bef. we got there but when we looked at the menu, decided 1) too much food on the tasting menu and 2) we could do better by ordering a la carte and sharing.