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Jul 6, 2006 01:00 PM

One Girl Cookies - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Noticed that there wasn't a thread on this wonderful cookie bakery. While I've always loved their little cookies (we used them in our out of town boxes for our wedding in April), I just discovered two things about them.

1) They make really good espresso
2) They now sell Il Laboratorio del Gelato products

For the latter, all I can say is that they have a large Il Laboratorio del Gelato display in their window, but I assume that they are selling it by the cone/cup, not pre-packed or whatever. (Or at least not JUST pre-packed.)

Anyways, it's a very friendly place, their cookies (and biscotti) are very tasty, and it's a wonderful place to have in the neighborhood.

One Girl Cookies
68 Dean Street (Cobble Hill)
Between Smith and Boerum Place

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  1. I agree with you. I visited there early May. This bakery is very adorable and their dainty cookies are great. I just wish it was closer to my neighborhood.

    1. I totally agree, their cookies are just perfect. I find Baked (Red Hook) cookies not only ubiquitous in Brooklyn these days, but wayyyy too sweet. One Girl mocha cookies and the chocolate/caramel/shortbread are my absolute favorites. Also love the little orange ones.

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      1. re: Alisonleslie

        Ditto on your faves. I love them too!

      2. agree with the high quality cookies. the ginger ones are my personal favorite. did have a negative experience once. bought a box of cookies a while back for a party and while paying up, I asked for a single cookie as a quick snack. the clerk responded (with a bit of attitude, I might add) that I had to buy a minimum of 4 cookies. when I mentioned the BOX I was purchasing, he was unmoved. pretty lame.

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        1. My boyfriend and I stopped by there last Saturday and had some of the delicious gelato. They had chocolate, vanilla, ricotta (really tasty) and raspberry. All the flavors were really good and perfect for a steamy day.

          1. I agree that the cookies are good, but they are so very *tiny*! It's $2 for a cookie that is about the size of a few half dollars stacked on top fo each other.

            Also, isn't the shop in what is considered to be Boerum Hill, not Cobble Hill?

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            1. re: Leto

              I agree. The cookies are a little precious and overpriced for decent eating. I only really liked the caramel shortbread one anyway.