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One Girl Cookies - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Noticed that there wasn't a thread on this wonderful cookie bakery. While I've always loved their little cookies (we used them in our out of town boxes for our wedding in April), I just discovered two things about them.

1) They make really good espresso
2) They now sell Il Laboratorio del Gelato products

For the latter, all I can say is that they have a large Il Laboratorio del Gelato display in their window, but I assume that they are selling it by the cone/cup, not pre-packed or whatever. (Or at least not JUST pre-packed.)

Anyways, it's a very friendly place, their cookies (and biscotti) are very tasty, and it's a wonderful place to have in the neighborhood.

One Girl Cookies
68 Dean Street (Cobble Hill)
Between Smith and Boerum Place


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  1. I agree with you. I visited there early May. This bakery is very adorable and their dainty cookies are great. I just wish it was closer to my neighborhood.

    1. I totally agree, their cookies are just perfect. I find Baked (Red Hook) cookies not only ubiquitous in Brooklyn these days, but wayyyy too sweet. One Girl mocha cookies and the chocolate/caramel/shortbread are my absolute favorites. Also love the little orange ones.

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        Ditto on your faves. I love them too!

      2. agree with the high quality cookies. the ginger ones are my personal favorite. did have a negative experience once. bought a box of cookies a while back for a party and while paying up, I asked for a single cookie as a quick snack. the clerk responded (with a bit of attitude, I might add) that I had to buy a minimum of 4 cookies. when I mentioned the BOX I was purchasing, he was unmoved. pretty lame.

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        1. My boyfriend and I stopped by there last Saturday and had some of the delicious gelato. They had chocolate, vanilla, ricotta (really tasty) and raspberry. All the flavors were really good and perfect for a steamy day.

          1. I agree that the cookies are good, but they are so very *tiny*! It's $2 for a cookie that is about the size of a few half dollars stacked on top fo each other.

            Also, isn't the shop in what is considered to be Boerum Hill, not Cobble Hill?

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              I agree. The cookies are a little precious and overpriced for decent eating. I only really liked the caramel shortbread one anyway.

            2. A coworker of mine turned me onto the place as she lives in the neighborhood. I loved the place and have gone back numerous times. The cookies, brownies and whooopie pies (pumpkin cake w/ cream cheese frosting filling) are so good!!

              HOWEVER - The past few times I went back, I realized that they have been cheating me. The cookies are $2 for 4, $3 for 6 and $4 for 8. Anything above that is by weight only. One would think that the more you buy (bulk), the cheaper it would be. This is NOT the case. The last time I went, it cost me an extra $2 because I bought more than 8 cookies, than it would have cost if I bought them individually - As if the tiny tiny cookies were not expensive enough!! Unfortunately, I did not realize until after I had paid and left. When I griped to my coworker - she said the same thing happened to her. Although friendly, the people behind the counter don't seem to care at all about this when the issue is raised. They just shrug it off.

              Today, I went back for the whoopie pie (I vowed no longer to get ripped off on the cookies) which I so loved. Not only did they shrink 50% in size, the price went up 25%!!!!

              That said, I will no longer be frequenting One Girl Cookies after being (rather, feeling) cheated one too many times - they are not *that* good.

              If you do decide to go, get no more than 8 cookies at a time, and if you are going to get more than 8 cookies - get the light (in weight) ones.

              1. Um, for the people all hung up on being cheated, why are you buying these things bulk? They're dainty little cookies which are to be savored with some coffee or espresso. It's a little indulgent treat. I do understand why you'd feel cheated and I hope they figure out the bulk sale snafu. Nonetheless, the cookies are delicious and a great treat after a walk through Park Slope/Boerum/Cobble which all have, by the by, the same stores (Living, Nest, the three hundred variations on Area, etc.).

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                  You'd buy the cookies in bulk if you wanted to take them to a party, give them as a gift, or share them. Or, you want to take the whole bag home and eat it all. Why does it matter? It definitely puts this bakery lower on my list of places to try. There are just so many exceptional bakeries in this city that it makes sense for a business to invest some time or energy in customer service.

                2. I had the pumpkin whoopie last week which was delightful.

                  1. wow, nice to see so many people posting on what i thought was this little-known local place. ive passed by there many times but have not given them a shot yet. they do have a nice little location, tho.

                    1. I've been wondering why I stopped seeing her cookies at Dean & Deluca's - I guess with their own shop they stopped selling their cookies to other stores...

                      1. I was quite nonplussed with OneGirl. Nothing special, and at that price - I want special. In fact my cookies all tasted a little prefab. Eh.

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                          I really wasn't impressed, in fact I didn't like them at all. Had heard much hype and wanted to give them a try, heck, i wanted to like them. Now, i don't like too-sweet things, so you'd think the lack of sweetness in the ones we had would've been good. However, they also lacked any taste and the texture of the chocolate spice was just bad. It had that sort of grainy rubbery thing that lowfat cookies do. The ginger cookie was OK, but could've been gingerier and also had the lousy mouthfeel. One, sandwiched with dulce de leche was OK, but still, pretty flavorless. Oh well, guess you have to try to find out and yeah, that $2 min rule is lame.

                        2. A pastry chef friend of mine did a brief stint at this place. She's extremely talented, but her main skill is recipe development. She agrees with the posts about texture/flavor, and tried to offer some assistance in redesigning some of the cookies. After some harassment from the owners, she threw in the towel. Their loss! I'll never go.

                          1. I think they sacrifice taste for appearance. The cookies are cute as a button, and that drives the recipes. To me, should b the other way around.

                            1. I'm not wild about their cookies, but their lemon bars...wow. The other day I had a slice of a lemon and olive oil cake with a scoop of the Il Laboratorio ricotta gelato for extra decadence and a wonderful pot of moroccan mint tea. So good.