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Jul 6, 2006 12:54 PM

East Harlem recommendations

I am meeting a friend for early drinks & dinner in east Harlem tonight and would appreciate any suggestions in the general vicinity of 119th and First Avenue.

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    1. Food - Lexington and 102nd.

      1. I second Patsy's!!

        There's also Creole on 118 & 3rd. I went once...and the food was decent, a little greasy for my taste but the atmosphere can be quite fun when they have live music.

        1. Itzocan is a French-Mexican bistro at 1575 Lexington Ave, near 101st St. It's a branch of a place in the East Village. The fish there is particularly good.

          Patsy's is wonderful but this is highly recommended for an upscale-feeling but moderately-priced meal.