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Jul 6, 2006 12:19 PM

Coconut Cake - Miami's best?

I'm new to town and need to get a coconut cake for my girlfriend's b-day. What is considered the best bakery in Miami and/or who has the best coconut cake?

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  1. There's no "great" bakery in Miami as yet. Not sure where to go specifically for coconut cake, but try Epicure. For an "only in Miami" cake, which means it's soaked in rum syrup before frosting, try Cake Design in Coral Gables. The best coconut cake I've had here was at River Oyster Bar for dessert. Maybe you could pry out who their vendor is.

    1. Most restaurants will sell you a whole cake...

      1. Without a doubt, not the best in Miami but the best I have had in my 36 years, would be White Lion Cafe. It will require a trip to Homestead, but well worth the time! I would recommend calling the owner first to make sure she can have an entire cake the day you need it.


        1. Epicure Sunny Isles or on Alton road has GREAT Coconut cake.