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Jul 6, 2006 08:18 AM

High End - Classy Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco...where to find?

Planning a company outing and get together dinner, since I am on the F&B committee, boss had mentioned to "kick it up a notch", since this feast will be expensed, I am on the search for the best, most expensive Chinese Restaurant in town, anyone...? thanks,

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  1. Yang Sing. The best and most expensive are not necessary the same thing. I think Yang Sing would be the most expensive (aside from fusion type California Chinese places. I wouldn't call Yang Sing the best in terms of Chinese food though.

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      Yank Sing doesn't serve dinner. It's dim sum only, unless you are catering a large event.

    2. It's not "chinese", but South East Asian, but one of my favorites in SF is the E&O Trading Company. Seriously good eats last time I was there. And it's easily a $100+/person type place.

      1. Shanghai 1930 -- beautiful setting, great food if you pick wisely.

        1. We recently had a dinner at Tommy Toy's for my grandfather's birthday. Everyone that went was very impressed. We were able to sit in a private room. The food is not fusion, but rather a French take on classic Chinese flavors (or something) anyway, it was very good and impressive. Definitely in the "kick it up" category.

          The Tommy Toy's Special Dinner (or whatever it is called) is what we had. They were very good about subbing out shell fish for those allergic.


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            thanks for the rec for TT, can I ask how much your
            bill was for and how many people dined? thanks,

          2. Depending on how many people are in your party, I would say reserve a private room at upstairs R&G Lounge or some other really good Cantonese seafood place of similar caliber. You probably need to meet a mid to high 3 figure sum minimum for that. Koi Palace is outside of SF off 280 and Serramonte/Colma and has a way nicer setting. Talk to the manager(s) and find out what options you have for set dinners to make it more special.

            To make the most of it, load up on shark's fine, abalone, steamed fish and other seafood. Ask for their highest end banquet menu, then serve with lots of high end wine and XOs. That will surely drive up the price, rather than ordering something default off the menu somewhere else.