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Jul 6, 2006 07:23 AM

A Current Wish List or What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Just to put this in perspective. Chowhound has not only launched a handsome piece of software, one that is fast, easy to learn, and remarkably free of major bugs, but has improved it in so many ways within days after the launch. You've taken care of so many of the problems that Chowhounds have been complaining about -- thanks so much for your efforts.

Here is a totally personal list of the items I'd most like to see addressed now:

1. By far my biggest gripe with the software is how long it takes to find new replies to long threads. The color-coding helps identify new replies, but it's still way, way, too slow. We need a way to only see the original post and new replies, with the ability to see the whole thread. I've yammered on about this before, and won't belabor my rant.

2. I'd like the ability to print any one post (OP or reply) and to print a whole thread without extraneous info (I realize there are workarounds, but...).

3. I'd like a time/date stamp on just about any index listing.

4. I'm not a disciple of the great man theory, yet I admit that I miss being able to see WHO posted the unread replies to threads. That information is much more valuable to me than who the O.P. is.

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  1. I agree with ALL of Mr. Feldman's points, the most important of which is the first point he made about the general elegance of the new site (paraphrasing a little) and responsiveness of the EngineeringHounds.

    Also, I especially agree with Mr. Feldman's request to find another way to help us get at/identify the new posts more easily. While the color-coding may be helpful for many, it's a bit subtle. And, some people are color-blind, including some in my household. ;-)

    In addition to Dave's comments, I would also like to reiterate a request I made, buried in a thread discussing the proliferation of International Boards, to break the Midwest down more. I'd like to see a separate Minnesota board, for instance. Searching is very difficult on these boards where you don't know whether to search on Minneapolis, St. Paul, St Paul, Saint Paul, MSP, M-Sp, Twin Cities, TC's, Minnesota, MN, MINN, and so on (and those are just the one's that are spelled correctly)... Of course, you could just scroll through the posts for posts that relate to your region of interest, but you have to slog through an awful lot that don't apply to you at all without much benefit of stumbling across something that might be interesting to you serendipitously.

    Also, I would like to ask the EngineerHounds to add a Board specifically for the purpose of organizing off-board, non-Chowhound-sponsored Chow-tastings Chow-downs or other Chow-related meetings.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work!


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen


      I think Jim has indicated that the intention IS to further subdivide the regional U.S. boards. My guess is that the subdivision of the international boards is an experiment to see what might work for the U.S.

      And "elegant" is the very word I used to describe the look of the new software, too. If someone told me that all the ads and graphics wouldn't interfere with my enjoyment of the posts, I would have thought he was daft.

      And please don't call me Mr. Feldman unless you're mad at me. I don't call you Ms. Queen!

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Apparently, Dave, I was in such violent agreement with you that I was actually channeling you for a few keystrokes there. In any case, I just wanted to make sure my thoughts about a Minnesota board made it to the current "wish list", since you were so kind as to start one. :)

        Ms. Queen is rather informal, don't you think? ;-)


    2. Agreed re the OP's point #1. I'd also really like a way to limit which boards appear in Hot Posts and/or sort a unified Hot Posts display by board.

      While we're handing out praise, the way one's own new reply starts out yellow and quickly fades to white is a very nice touch.

      1. I have to agree with the bulk of the suggestions here. I would really, really like to see a significantly darker shade of yellow (and/or some other way) to highlight new (to me) posts. I am on a laptop and have to tip my screen waaaay back to see the yellow (in fact I did not even know there WAS yellow until I mentioned it here a few days ago and had it pointed out to me). I don't believe I have any color-related vision problems.

        Also, it would be helpful to have an identifier on the main board for posts I have read and posts I have bookmarked. Something like the 'new' icon, but indicating that I have bookmarked that post or read it and not bookmarked it.

        I find myself constantly thinking 'that post looks interesting, sounds familiar, and says 'new' - did I read it at all? did I read it and find it uninteresting? or did I bookmark it and miss the 'new' on myChow? I usually end up clicking it and re-reading something uninteresting I read three days ago.

        1. On my wish list:

          I'm reading HotPosts. There are three or four pages of them. Before I hit the "Mark All as Read" button I invariably go back to the beginning to see what's been posted since I started scrolling. A "Back to Top" button, or some such equivalent, would eliminate the multiple clicks now needed to get back to the top to ensure you haven't missed anything.

          Minor point, but here it is, not even two weeks yet, and you've already taken care of most of the major ones. So I thought I'd ask.