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Jul 6, 2006 06:38 AM

Mama's in town. Beautiful and different dining spots to show her (good food a given)?

My wonderful mama's in town (from L.A) and staying with me for a week. I'd love to take her to places with good food, but more importantly for the tourist in her, places with great looks to them.

Ruling out: extremes for most moms (goth places, places with DJs that make her feel like she's trying to be too young etc). She also doesn't like Indian food, but likes most everything else so long as it's good eats.

Budget-range: anywhere from casual lunch joints to $60/head, no wine.

Would especially appreciate roof-top dining suggestions (and yes, I know of the New York Mag feature).

Cheers and thanks. Will report back.

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  1. Morimoto is a wow..visually. BLT Prime on 22nd St great steak.. Blue Hill...Lupa for lunch...
    I fyou really want to wow her..(.a little over your budget though) Chanterelle.. Also Cafe Boulud