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Copper Chimney Feedback

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Thanks to the board, I finally checked out Copper Chimney--upscale, modern take on well prepared, tasty Indian food. It's located at 28th and Lex.

It's not cheap but we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Good, attentive, friendly service too. 4 drinks (all but one alcoholic), 2 appetizers, 2 breads, 2 mains, 1 dessert and 2 chais, with tip, was $140.

We shared two appetizers--a vegetable tandoori samosa--very flavorful and multidimensional tasting. Also the gobi honey garlic. This was not what I thought it would be (expected more of a sauteed cauliflower with garlic and honey). Tasted more like a vegetable version of sweet and sour shrimp (chinese). But still so yummy we could have eaten two servings.

We had the garlic naan (heavenly) and the paratha (good too).

Main dishes were the Lamb Chop Curry--out of sight--soft, tender, medium rare (2) chops--quite meaty. In a rich and spicy (I asked for spicy) tomato based sauce. In no time, I was sucking on the bones.
Also had the Saffron Shrimp but sis ordered it mild--could have been a bit zippier but still very tasty (how much butter/cream was in that dish??) The two dishes balanced well. Both served with rice.

Dessert was the phirni (rice pudding) which was ok (nothing special) but a hit was the gratis pineapple/cocount sorbet.

Various drinks were tasty/refreshing but could have been stronger. We were tired and hot so the drinks went very fast.

All in all, very good--looking to return soon.

Other diners--any favorites here?? I would appreciate your recommendations for my next visit.

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  1. I enjoyed CC as well. Service was a bit too 'eager' to be pleasing, but I'd rather have that than the opposite. Had the fish tikka and was pleased. Fiance was also happy with the large selection of fancier preperations of vegetarian indian dishes.