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Jul 6, 2006 04:41 AM

Pastrami Chowdown...Part One!...Memphis Minnie's

Four hungry dogs.ventured to the lower Haight (SF) to experience Pastrami Wednesdays at Memphis Minnie's...if You were expecting "Katz's West" , you'd be dissapointed! MM's pastrami is cooked in BBQ sauce!...No mustard was a Pastrami 'Sloppy Joe" ("Sloppy Yossel"?!) a little dry and hard in places...My luck, I got there after Cyn had ordered hers, so had the advantage of a taste and a I ordered "Fatty Brisket" it was the best brisket I've had there... moist, smokey and delicious...the bean accompaniment were little firm beads, and would have benefitted from more cooking (they probably were perfect for dinner).
I'll let the others' speak of their own culinary experiences...I ordered fried grit sticks for the table, which came with a forgettable sauce but were good as is...The pecan pie, was cold, from the fridge, a little hard in the crust, and muddy filling...whole pecans and over-whipped.. but home made whipped cream was the topping......
The brisket ..heavenly, the pastrami....never again..
The next round of "Pastrami Passion" to be announced!

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  1. Thanks, Derek! I had been wanting to try the pastrami, too, but I realize it's the fatty brisket I really want. So far, the best pastrami I've had here has been from Costco.

    Pilinut, a.k.a. Pia

    1. ...woofing it down, with hints that we move on to M&L for the second course (pastrami to follow pastrami)—no one moves from the table.
      The Way To Go is that soft and melting fatty brisket...or, the Southern Star (1/2 sandwich of brisket+1/2 sandwich of pork tips like the best pulled pork/carnitas - with a side). Greens are usually my default Side (these are too sweet for me); beans are better -(like 'em firm not soft); the mac 'n cheese is tempting (it looks like a good chew toy).

      1. Unfortunately, the pastrami was too leanish and dry today. I did like the intensity of the cure and the smoking and wondered what the bare meat would be like withouot the saucing. Still love the tangy slaw here. Took one of the fried grit sticks home, was almost as good reheated with a creamy, savory core and just a bit harder crust.

        Wednesday Pastrami with mac & cheese image -

        Brunch @ MM's -

        Pastrami @ MM's -

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        1. Yeah, this was not the holy grail of pastrami. Not even close. (I liked it least of the table). Weird spices, more smoked than cured. Plus I'm not a brisket fan to begin with, even at Minnie's.

          1. Pastrami in BBQ sauce?! Oy vey, say it ain't so :( I wish I could've made it yesterday, but the evite came at the last minute. I still love MM's brisket, just so darn smokey and fork tender. Derek, I'm always on the look out for great Pastrami and since my last trip to NYC was back in December, Katz is a distant, albeit lovely, memory. I did have some really great smoked meat in Montreal, but it's not the same as the perfect marbled Pastrami. Keep me posted on the next time the pack prepares for the hunt.

            a sante,

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              Some have more notice, others like this are on the spur of the moment. And, the chowing events tend to fill up so fast that the folks with the fastest broadband have the competitive advantage!

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