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Jul 6, 2006 04:06 AM

Thai by Thai and Lao by Lao!

Hey guys, I was inspired by the topic Japanese by Japanese. I know that Lao and Thai food are similar so places that do Lao as well as Thai are probably Lao-run. That's fine with me.

It occurred to me that I condemned Thai food in Toronto based on a few bad and untasty experiences. This is a big city, the good stuff should exist somewhere.

Where, do you know?

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  1. Thai Plate is owned and operated by Thais. The cooking cannot be authentic- 95% of Canadian customers would not be able to eat it- but they do a very good job creating Thai character and flavour. Particularly recommended is the Monday lunch buffet which is promotional ($8.95, a $25 meal). A good adventure at minimal expense. The o/os had uppermiddle class careers in Thailand and have a good aesthetic. No MSG, house made sauces.

    3434 Bathurst St at Ranee, ample free parking, in the Entertainment book

    1. I'd like to try the stuff most people don't like..

      where in the city is there authentic Thai?!?


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        Call them and ask them if they will make what you want. Failing this, ask them if you can join them as a paying guest for supper as they finish up, about 9.30, you have what they have.

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          You have hit on a point that extremely few people know about, yes I have often joined Chinese owner/friends on a real meal and the sight, feeling and food are 100% different. Never thought of asking to be an invited/paying guest, but yes that is terrific. Turned down so many invitations, respectfully, but yes, after decades of friendship, I can see that your proposal to an initiate is outstanding!!!!!!

      2. Vanipha Lanna on St Clair W is owned and run by Vanipha Southalack is from Laos. Young Thailand was started by and (I think) is still owned by Wandee Young from Thailand. That said I am not sure that the same nationality owning a restaurant as the type of cuisine is a guarantee of quality. Linda and Salad King are own by the Liu's. I don't know from where they are originally.

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          Vanipha Lanna was fabulous the last time I went.

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            agreed, went to Vanipha Lanna this past wednesday, I had the duck stirfry and it was incredibly good. my SO had the Ping Gai, that was great too... very friendly in there!

            1. re: mgs

              Hmm... if it weren't the fact that you went on Wednesday, I'd say you were my dining companion. I went on Saturday, I got the Ping Gai, another got the Duck and the last got a vegetarian item (the name eludes me). We also shared the 6 piece appetizer plate. Pretty good, I enjoyed the stick rice.

        2. I agree that the same nationality is not a guarantee of good quality, but at least it might be a guarantee of authenticity. Salad King is not authentic (in my opinion) and is party to most of my bad experiences.

          1. Salad King is run by Chinese-speaking people, but they could originally be from Thailand, for all I know. (Many Vietmanese restaurents are run by Chinese who came from Vietnam.) The one that I know is run by authentic Thai is Pi-Tom at College and Alexander - a friend used to date the owner. Spice Thai on Queens Quay is also run by Thais, but their food is only OK, not great.