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Jul 6, 2006 03:55 AM

Dinner for 14 - North Beach or the Mission

I'm organizing a pre-wedding (read: bachelorette) dinner for a good friend. Now that we have a headcount, 14, on to the big decision. Where to go?

Noisy enough so that they won't mind 14 laughing crazy women
Good food. We've got out of towners to impress!

All suggestions welcome.

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  1. Citizen Thai and the Monkey in North Beach is surprisingly tasty, with a good bar menu and an ability to accommodate fairly large groups (I've been there as part of 10). Plus it's very reasonably-priced.

    Worth a look.

    1. bocci cafe is great... they have a band there on friday and saturday nights. corkage was only 10 for the wine that we brought in and they also allowed us to bring in our own dessert... it was great and the manager was very great. We had our RD there. another option is the stinking rose