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Jul 6, 2006 03:46 AM

Food Dehydrator

So my roommate just purchased a food dehydrator. Pretty cool so far, not a necessity but it's been popping out snacks daily. Everything from dried pineapple, mango, apples, bananas, strawberries, two types of beef jerkey and even marshmellows! FYI, the marshmellows come out like Lucky Charm marshmellows. Sweet and crunchy.

Does anyone else use one of these? Any ideas of what we can dehydrate next? As I type, we have kiwis and more pineapple going.

What else can we try?

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  1. You can also do shredded dried pork, if you like that. I like that you're already doing mango. You can do dried apricots. You can also puree blends of fruit and make your own fruit roll-ups. I love that stuff. Follow what your manual says first, but I think it is okay to put down a layer of saran wrap before you pour the puree in. Easier clean up and extraction that way.

    1. Make your own raisins. It takes a long time and you can only make small batches at a time but it is so worth it. I especially recommend dehydrating white/green grapes to make golden raisins.

      If you have a dog or know anyone with dogs then I suggest dehydrating sweet potatoes. Dogs love them, they are crunchy and sweet.

      1. Good idea about the saran wrap. We haven't gotten to fruit rollups yet, but I'm sure we will soon enough. Those look pretty good.

        What about putting deli meats in there? A picture on the manual (of a fruit rollup) looked a lot like prochuitto and got me thinking...Every try something like that?

        1. My father had one maybe 25 years ago. He also had a "victory garden" which produced mounds of zucchini and tomatoes each season. I dehydrated these and other veges/and fruits then had veges for the winter to add to soups and fruits for yogurt, etc. I was an avid hiker/backpacker back then. These items pack well and made for great eats while out on a trail. Easy to reconstitute and add to rice/noodles, soups, whatever. Lucky for you and your roommate. Enjoy that thing! :)

          1. I was thinking about do they come out? Is it possible to make sun dried tomotoes? Zucchini could be interested. Do they come out chip-like or softer? Could be good dipped in marinara sauce...