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Jul 6, 2006 03:40 AM

Is there any way to make Spirits fly?

I live on the buckle of the bible belt there are many products that I see on this forum that are not availale to me. I do not live in a totally arid environment just one where the camel traffic only goes on several well worn routes. I am looking for diversity. Is there any way through the internet and those wonderful dark brown trucks to get my spirits revived.

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  1. Many, many ways.

    I have personally ordered from and been satisfied by:

    Wine - is a decent start. Wine has always arrived in shape.
    Everything - is a well-organized site with decent prices.

    Both are as reliable as it gets for internet sales. Prices wll be higher than in person (obviously, and at least in CA) and shipping (camels are expensive).

    Also, these sites won't ship illegally so you might be stymied by your particular states' particular draconian laws and you will have to jump through a hoop or two to prove you aren't a 16 year-old buying that $90 bottle of Scotch.

    There are probably hundreds more. I have not sought out discount type places.

    1. Sam's Wine in the Chicago area has a very good selection and shipping isn't too outrageous. They do follow the rules so your state may be excluded (I have to ship to a friend in Washington, D.C. as they don't ship to Maryland).



      1. I think the U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws that stopped interstate sales of liquor, last year or the year before. Cannot tell you that everyone has recognized this though. However, I have purchased and had delivered wines and liquor from internet sites, a few of which I use only to deliver within a few blocks (It's something you do living in NYC). Park Avenue Liquors ( has a very wide slection of liquors and is known for pretty high end whiskeys. Sherry Lehman ( has a wide selection of wine and spirits. There are others, even some not in New York, but I have only bothered with any if they had something rare I was trying to track down.