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Jul 6, 2006 03:12 AM

Indian Wheat Dish

Indique serves with some of its entrees a flavorful mushy wheat side dish that I really like. Basically it's a savory "Cream of Wheat" spiced with mild flavors and maybe has some veggies mixed in. I'd never seen this a at other Indian restuarants (Maybe it has a name that I'm not familiar with. Is this breakfast food? Basic comfort food?). I don't even think it's on Indique's menu, but it seems it would be great base for some innovative dishes that must be out there. Any other Indian restuarants serve this as a dish?

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  1. It is UPMA, a semolina dish cooked with a tempering of curry leaf and mustard seeds. It is a breakfast item in South India. IMO Indique serves too much starchy stuff on their plates. There is Rice, Lemon rice and Upma and once some potatoes in the vegetables.

    1. Upma is very easy to make, btw, and is delicious at breakfast. In Indian homes it is served as such, and not as a side dish. Try googling Upma Recipes and see what comes up. My relatives use actual cream of wheat and just add the spices, flavors, etc. Easy.

      1. Thanks for the info. When I asked the server at Indique, she was clueless.

        1. Interesting. I've never heard of uppma as a side dish. I love the stuff. I discovered it in India, yet it's not always so easy to find in South Indian hotels or restaurants--it's more a home style thing, I think. There are Uppma mixes you can buy from online Indian food vendors in the U.S.