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Jul 6, 2006 02:57 AM

Bob's Red Mill: any good??

This guy is selling all kinds of stuff: flours (some gluten free), grains, beans, seeds, oats, nuts, etc including some organic products. They have entered my local area in a big way. Is any of it great or good... or forgettable?

This is the whole list:

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  1. It is great. They have steel cut oats that are much cheaper than the McCanns. Their 7 grain cereal makes the most amazing multigrain bread (Cooks Illustrated). It is also a delicious quick thing to eat if you are too hungry to cook dinner. You just add a little water and zap it in the microwave. Really yummy.

    I love all their stuff, great quality.

    1. Ditto.

      Brown rice farina is a breakfast staple, and I love their flour for bread baking. They also make buttermilk powder and dairy whey which I use regularly.

      1. Excellent products. I particularly like steel cut oats and oat flour. All of their flour products are excellent and much more reasonably priced than most other places I've found. I LOVE all of their cornmeal products, and their whole wheat pastry flour, which is softer than regular wheat flour, substitues well for AP flour in a lot of recipes I use at home.

        1. Count me in as a fan too, I have been buying their stuff for many years, far longer than it has been 'PC' to do so and would never go back. I love their hot cereal mixes and use them in bread recipes too.

          1. They have an apple-spice muffin mix (add molasses and egg) which is quite good, I made a buncha nd froze them for a quick breakfast.