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Jul 6, 2006 02:21 AM

spadina garden

do they have any lunch specials? or is it always regular price?

i know you guys recommend the peanut chicken and the crispy ginger beef... how are their soups? or anything else that is a must try?


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  1. I just noticed that their menu is posted at

    It's in the Chinese section. Though there is a lunch menu there, it seems to be similarly-priced as compared to the dinner menu.

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    1. re: xtal

      Generally Chinese restaurents do not offer a "lunch menu" that is cheaper than dinner, but may have "lunch specials".

    2. I really like their spicy beef noodle soup. It is really similar to spicy beef noodle soups I've had in Taiwan. Be forewarned, though, that its VERY spicy! But very very good!

      1. Their lunch menu is a few dollars less expensive than a similar menu you would have at dinner time ($8.25 compared to $12.95), but you get a spring roll extra at dinner time.

        I really like their hot and sour soup, but it is quite hot, and since I'm a spicy peanut chicken kind of gal, I opt for the wonton soup, otherwise my stomach is on fire for the rest of the day ;-)