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Jul 6, 2006 01:19 AM

Family eats around Hershey?

Going to Hershey for 2 days. Looking for fun eats with two kiddos and a picky grandmother on WW (weight watchers). Any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. Kicking this up to the top because there are no responses to it and I'm in the similar boat. Hubby and I willl be in Hershey for two days next month with our 5 year old and want to stay away from chains if we can.

    1. You're both screwed! Can't vouch for it, but "Sakura Do" sounds interesting (read about 1/2 way down).

      1. How about a small chain? We just went there and everyone liked Isaacs. They have a black bean burger that your grandmother could get. There is a nutritional info page on their site. Fun for kids (fried mac and cheese bites!).

        The biggest pain was actually getting to it. We could see it from the main road but you have to circle around to get there.

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          I went to Hershey last summer with three generations of family and we LOVED Isaac's. Great salads, soups, sandwiches, and the pretzel bread rolls were great. Very fair prices, quick and good service. They even gave us a separate room when we had a big group. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

        2. Try the Hershey Pantry (just Google - I know they have a website). My parents used to take me to this place every time we went to visit family in that area. Locally owned, kid-friendly - especially at lunch - and the desserts are not to be missed. I have not visited in quite a few years, but I'm sure it would be worth your while to look up. If I recall, it's just at the base of the whole Hershey's complex, in the little town.

          1. The Pantry and Isaacs look like pretty good options for us. We're there for two days so we could certainly try both! Thanks! I've also seen Kreiders mentioned on other threads. Are they really busy on weekends?

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              We really didn't enjoy Kreider's much, although they were very nice. Food was bland.