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Jul 6, 2006 12:41 AM

Great Eats in Long Beach

I am looking for some great places to eat in Long Beach. I'm pretty open to all kinds of food. I love deli sandwiches especially prosciutto sandwiches. Just looking for some new places that I haven't been to yet. I've been to all the regular chains and most restaurants on Pine. Let me know. Thanks.

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  1. The Bake & Broil (Atlantic Ave./37th St.) for French Onion Soup, sandwiches and pie - probably LB's best "old school" coffee shop, where the food is obviously better than Denny's!

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      I love Bake & Broil and completely agree about the French onion soup and pies. They make their own croutons which help make their French onion soup delicious and are great in their salads. The fresh apricot pie when in season is excellent, and I love their hamburgers too.

    2. I like the prosciutto with bufalo mozzarella sandwich at Modica's (Ocean and Linden). They use bread from Babette's bakery on 2nd Street. You can also get good subs (w/ or w/o prosciutto at Santa Fe Importers (on Santa Fe north of Anaheim, almost in Wilmington). Lots of imported goods from Italy.

      Go to El Gallo Giro (LB Blvd at PCH) for their fabulous Cuban-style sandwich.

      There's a lot of SE Asian dining on Anaheim Street, east of LB Boulevard: pho shops, Cambodian, banh mi. You can get a cheap and delicious lunch by going to K&H Supermarket and getting stuff from the "deli" section near the cash registers: spring rolls, pork skewers, rice in tea leaves.

      1. Long Beach has it's own Mini Bay Cities in Angelos! Great sandwiches on fresh baked bread..

        Angelo's Italian Deli
        (562) 434-1977
        190 La Verne Ave
        Long Beach, CA 90803


        1. i stopped by the new gallo giro for the first time the other day and had a carnitas torta. oh my god, what a sandwich. i've been a big fan of the chain since its short-lived downtown store. the menu has changed a lot (where's the tinga?), but the quality hasn't.