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Jul 6, 2006 12:20 AM

taste of Cambridge july 20

Is anyone going to attend the Taste of Cambridge? I hear there are 50 restaurants. Is it outdoors?

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  1. It's outdoors in Technology Sq. (I think that's what they call it). It's a good space and there are some good things to be had from all sorts of Camb. restaurants. I've gone a couple times, don't think I need to do it again but undecided.

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      I think it's a perfect location---large enough area with plenty of shade. Unfortunately, for $40 it isn't the best value. I'd definitely pay $25-30 and get my fill of the bites of food and the decent beer (wine selection is embarrassing), but for $40 or $50 (day of), I'll just go and get a full meal at one of the participating restaurants.

    2. Oh come on! The Taste of Cambridge is a great value: Live music, great food, beer, socializing, and it's outside---all for charity. Plus, it's the best Cambridge has to offer: upscale, pubs, AND ethnic restaurants.

      1. I went last year and was really disappointed. I arrived 30 minutes after the start time, and already some of the vendors were closing down because they had run out of food. Really poor in my opinion for an event that is scheduled to run for 2 hours. And honestly, the food I sampled was not that great. I'm glad my money went to good causes, but I'm not running back.

        1. Did anyone make it last night? Any reports?