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Jul 5, 2006 11:57 PM

Jackson, MS - Has Char Gone Downhill?

Char used to be one of my go-to restaurants, especially for lunch. Lately, however, I have found the food to be mediocre at best and bad at worst. The gumbo recipe has changed and the dark roux is gone. The tuna melt is now an overcooked, thin piece with raw onions and unmelted cheese. The french fries were cold and undercooked. The steak was tough. This all occurred on three different visits. I hope they remedy this problem soon.

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  1. Please, Fat Harry, tell me it ain't so. Char is one of my favorites. I will confess that it has been three or four months since I have been. We were planning on celebrating my husband's birthday there later this month. Do we need to make other plans?

    1. I don't want to speak for dinner because the menu changes, and probably the chef. I did have an excellent meal at Nick's on Saturday though...