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Jul 5, 2006 11:57 PM

Lunch in Malibu

Going to my sis's graduation in Malibu (Pepperdine) on Saturday. Need some recommendations for lunch, hopefully, with some veggie offerings.

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  1. Taverna Tony is in the Malibu Country Mart. Nice Greek fare with a lovely patio. I'm certain you can find enough veg oriented items to eat well. Suggest you reserve early since I would imagine many others are going to lunch after the ceremony.

    Other options would be Geoffrey's (great view, mediocre and pricey food) and, Moonshadows, better food at a lower price. Going back south on PCH, you might also try Duke's. This is a large, touristy place with good ocean view. I've never eaten there, so I can't comment on the food.

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      stay away from Duke's...for one, it's tacky, but they also have nothing in the way of veg options...while they did attempt to accommodate me when I asked for veggie tacos, I was treated as if it was the strangest request they'd ever heard! Anyway, they weren't good and I'd keep driving to Santa Monica before returning to Duke's.

    2. thanks! yeah, been to duke's in hawaii and huntington beach... will not be returning anytime soon. thinking for the view and menu we'd go with moonshadows, but they can't accomodate a party of 13. taverna tony sounds nice. good view and food you say? any other backer?

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        I'll second Taverna Tony. My mother has worked at Pepperdine for many years, and that's our collective favorite restaurant in Malibu. Some of the best Greek food I've had, and a pleasant experience. The dip they put out with the bread is to die for.

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          For the record, there is no view at Taverna Tony, but the patio is very nice.

        2. any word on the sunset restaurant?

          1. Sunset is open for what I believe they call brunch on weekends. Decent menu and lots of seating areas. It's not over the beach but is directly across the street from Westward beach. You may have a traffic issue though, if lots of people are going to Zuma Beach.

            Another option, in the Country Mart, (like Tony's) is Tra De Noi. They have a nice outside patio as well as indoor seating and an italian menu of salads, pasta, pizza, entrees etc. No view of the beach/ocean though.

            A final choice, though I've only been for dinner, is Hideaway Cafe, on PCH at Westward Beach Rd. It's on a bluff overlooking Westward and Zuma, Is little known, has a great view