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Jul 5, 2006 11:49 PM

Lobster Retail Value - Cull vs. Whole?

I usually buy culls but the once several dollar price difference between them and whole lobsters seems to be shrinking to as little as $1/lb.

Is there a rule of thumb that would help me decide whether it's better value to buy a cull or opt for a whole lobster?

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  1. do you want/need both claws?

    1. It's not that I don't want both claws, it's just my old way of thinking was it's better to buy a larger cull (at a MUCH cheaper price/lb) than the same size two claw lobster.

      I may be wrong but seems to me that if you buy a 1.75 lb cull you get more tail, body, leg (and one decent size claw) meat vs. the a regular 2 clawed (1.75 lb) lobster. That combined with the ONCE substantial price/lb discount made the cull seem a better value.

      But now the price differential is shrinking and I was curious if there's a rule of thumb to help me determine which is a better value?

      I guess another question along the same lines, would be at what price point would 2 small 1 lb lobsters be a better buy than a single 2 lb lobster. Even though the smaller lobsters are cheaper, you get (and pay for) more shell.

      Is there a way to make that value comparison?

      Sorta like the rule of thumb that i can't exactly recall, that tells you which size egg is a better value based on their relative prices.