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Jul 5, 2006 11:41 PM

ISO Canelé Bordelais

Other than La Brea Bakery, who sells these?

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  1. You can get canele at Surfas Cafe. I prefer the La Brea Bakery ones.

    1. There was a thread about this a little while ago. I believe someone said that Boule also had them.

      1. Boule offers them in both vanilla and chocolate.

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        1. re: JudiAU

          The ones at Boule are very good and very authentic, too.

        2. Hotcakes (4119 Centinela south of Washington Blvd. in Mar Vista/Culver City) has had canneles most of the times I've been in. I haven't tried them yet--but this place has been growing on me, the style is a little unusual at times (e.g. the croissants are more bready than flakey) but taken on their own terms I have really started to like some of the things here, such as the aforementioned croissants with their very, very crispy exteriors.

          1. David, the posting notice went up on the soon to be former Osteria Nonni in Atwater, and the new concept will be called "canele" would you believe! Not sure of how adept the participants in this concept are, but their info is shown on the Nonni post near this one. Escrow should close toward the end of July or early August.