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Current food blog obsessions?

I'm always interested in what food blogs others are reading. So here's my top 5:

Chocolate and Zucchini
Gluten Free Girl
The Food Whore
David Lebovitz.

Who are you reading? Thanks!

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  1. One of my favorites is mmm-yoso written by Kirk who posts mosly on the California board. It can be found at http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Oh yeh, yeh! If you would like to learn about Asian, Hawaiian, or even Mexican food, if you might be interested in San Diego restaurants (or some LA or Portland spots or even taco trucks in Yuma), or if you just like reading about food adventures and viewing food porn, Kirk's blog is outstanding.

      1. re: Phoo D

        Also great for those obsessed with Asian cuisine is elmomonster's OC based blog: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com/


        1. re: Phoo D

          I second elmo's blog. His blog was instrumental in me starting mine and we recently got together for a meal. It was a real treat and I love his take on things.

          1. re: Seth Chadwick

            I'm late to this discussion, but I'd like to thank Phoo D and Seth for the shoutout.

            But of course, we can't talk about food blogs without mentioning Seth Chadwick's own superb "Feasting in Phoenix".


      1. Not sure about "obsessions" but of the 30-odd Asian-food related blogs I have links to on my website, here are five I currently have fun with:

        Hong Kong's "Cha Xiu Bao" is the best Chinese food blog I know of

        "Lily's Wai Sek Hong" is a great Asian Cooking DIY (who, me?) site

        "Chopstick Cinema" covers two of my passions in one integrated blog!

        Stef at "Noodles and Rice" maintains a world-view and a passion for Asian food in....
        Cincinnati OH! Oh?

        Since "Low End Theory" has moved back to Norte Califas, I'll give him a chance to make me love his blog

        1. I am so out of date, but maybe someone else is too! Another thread mentioned a recent(ish) book - the Julie/Julia Project that was based on a blog, and the general consensus was the blog was better than the book.

          So, I've been reading all the back entries of the blog (it's a lot of reading, but very humorous). It's kind of weird to read it so long after the fact, but I'm still enjoying it.

          Main page is here:


          Keep in mind that the writer was not too tech savvy, so there are no pictures (at least that I've seen yet) and about 75% of the links are broken either because they were done wrong, or the pages they linked to are since gone (since it's 4 years old now).

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            I discovered the Julie/Julia blog about 3/4 of the way through her year. I had to go back and read every single one. It's wodnerful reading. I've also heard that the book isn't as good - that's why I'm waiting to get it from the library rather than buying it.

          2. i tend to follow blogs that do what i wish i could do... so mostly cooking based ones or those from other countries/cities. these are among my top few that often make my jaw drop and tongue wag.


            so... who else wants to buy a digital slr after all of this?

              1. I'll second the votes for 101 Cookbooks and Cooking for Engineers. I also love The Hungry Hedonist site and bunrab.com (if you live in the Bay Area).

                1. My favorite food blogger is Marie Wolf AKA breadbasketcase, a lawyer from Minnesota who is baking every bread in Rose Levy Beranbaum's book, The Bread Bible. This woman is incredibly funny!! She's also an excellent bread baker. She's so good, in fact, that Rose Levy Beranbaum actually sent a message to all of the subscribers to her newsletter that urged them to read this blog.


                  1. I love Chocolate and Zucchini but just know that she has a reputation among French-based food writers that she "steals" ideas and/or uses other's thinking. She has, as so many have, become a media darling but I've heard that she is young and cut throat, having been groomed in dotcom Bay Area during the end of the century.

                    As for her blog. Great stuff. I really enjoy the lay out, the photography, the writing, her attitude, the diversity of topics.

                    I just wonder where she gets her ideas!

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                      I think some bad feeling comes from the fact that she was born and raised French, yet blogs *only* in English, as if she knows that's where the money is. That could be resented. Her posts used to be charming, almost intimate, now she is just selling herself a lot. So many blogs now, much more to like.

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                        C&Z author is also penning a cookbook, leaving many blog purists wondering how the term "blooking" is going to evolve.

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                          I'm not sure what you mean by "blog purists". I think with some it will be write a blog, write a book, do a tv show, open a restaurant, sell some cookware.

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                            Bangor, I agree as a reader. What I mean is blogging for the author has, at a growing rate, opened the door to "blooking" - bloggers becoming published print authors with lucrative publishing contracts. C&Z's blog is one quick example.

                    2. I really like the Wesfoodie blog. It's smart and funny and I like the lay-out too. He writes about the East coast mainly, and seems interested in many of the things I am -- mainly yummy food!


                        1. I like Bay Area Bites - my one complaint is that they have too many writers living elsewhere I find myself mildly annoyed reading a post about Paris or New York on a Bay Area blog (although the writing is still excellent!).


                          1. Steve, Don't Eat It!


                            There have not been any recent reports. Is Steve still writing?

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                              1. re: anonforthis2

                                The sneeze is absolutely hysterical (you have to have an iron stomach, though!).

                                Other blogs not mentioned:

                                Food on the Food
                                I'm Mad and I Eat


                                1. re: djk

                                  Looks like my Favorites folder. I'm a big fan of the Girl Who Ate Everything.

                                2. Having just started my own food blog, I am having an amazing time reading everything that is out there. There are a lot of good blogs, with great, humorous writing, beautiful pictures and lots of good information. It quite entertaining! Not to mention a great deal of work. I love to write and do my own blog to be able to utilize that, along with my love of food, but I have no starry-eyed vision of it ever being something as popular as the ones I see. I do it for me, and love it and my friends and family members love to read it and offer me ideas for posts. It's fun and a great learning experience.

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                                    1. re: GDSinPA

                                      Thanks.....it's a fun thing to do and a great creative outlet to share with other food lovers.

                                  1. I don't know if this really qualifies, but I like to check in on http://deependdining.blogspot.com/ once in awhile, just because it's so much on the fringe of the eating possibilities. Plus, the author's writing style cracks me up.

                                    1. I'm not not an obsessive food-blog reader (wish I had time for more obsessions), I've been introduced to a bunch of good ones by fellow chowhounds that I check in on every so often. Though I'm not hugely impressed by the current cupcake trend, I do love to bake, so I enjoy the creativity and pretty pictures (and have got some great ideas from)http://chockylit.blogspot.com/

                                      1. Quite religiously, I read


                                        which is the blog of foodfirst, one of the active posters on the International Board.

                                        Terrific cutting-edge stuff on Malaysia, where she is currently based, but if you search through the archives, you will also find wonderful things on Vietname, Thailand, Bhutan, Sumatra, Bali and other Asian destinations.

                                        1. I read quite a few food blogs, but my latest fave is Dominic Armato's Skillet-Doux. Some of the reasons why I like this Chicago-based blog:

                                          1. Spectacular photography that accompanies all the posts.
                                          2. Research. He recently analyzed the plusses and minuses of mincing, chopping, and crushing garlic.
                                          3. A wide range of restaurant reviews, usually with a positive but analytical spin.
                                          4. Recipes, cooking tips, and passionate rants about all things food-related.

                                          Here's the URL: http://www.skilletdoux.com/

                                          1. This is a great topic. Finding new blogs for inspiration is so much fun! Here are my current favorites:

                                            Culinary in the Desert

                                            The Baker's Rack

                                            Lucullian delights - an Italian experience

                                            Na Zdravi!

                                            Bron Marshall

                                            stone soup


                                            Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog



                                            Cream Puffs in Venice

                                                1. I have enjoyed megnut.com in the past-- she's good as a digest of food-related news. Things over there have been a little boring lately...but I did make the garlic soup recipe she posted last week and it was nummy.

                                                  1. Without a doubt the most remarkable one in terms of photography and sheer obsessiveness is Kuiadore, (http://brandoesq.blogspot.com/) Good name for that blog cause she's gonna go broke eating all that stuff every day. She doesn't so much talk about herself, as most bloggers do, as review the various recipes and techniques she is trying and does it well. the obsessive quality of her posts was there from the start. Being a big on the obsessive-compulsive side myself, I immediately felt at one with this person that I had never met.

                                                    I also like her buddy's blog, chubbypanda.

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                                                    1. re: choctastic

                                                      I think you mean Chubby Hubby, but I appreciate the Freudian slip. His blog can be found here:


                                                      While I love reading Kuidaore's blog, I don't think the two of us are buddies. =


                                                      - Chubbypanda


                                                    2. I just visited "The Sneeze". I have never laughed so hard in my life! The chapter on natto is classic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

                                                      1. thanks for all the blog recommendations--

                                                        1. I'm hooked on Ideas in Food. High-end food I'll never be able to afford, but still really weird and inspiring and tasty-looking.

                                                          1. Just ran across this marvelous blog "Esurientes - The Comfort Zone" - by an Australian woman who has a great recipe for chocolate orange cake, it appears.

                                                            I found a new variety of Lindt chocolate (cinnamon/coriander!) and there are luscious pictures of fooding-through-Europe - and other recipes. Very entertaining.

                                                            1. These are great recommendations. I hope I can learn form them for my own blog.

                                                              I also love reading:




                                                                  1. in the bay area, the bunrabs are very good. so, too is becks and posh.


                                                                    east coast (nyc) is a tough call. too many good blogs out here so i don't want to name a few and leave other worthy folk off the list. still, an indispensable blog is lucy's greenmarket report.


                                                                    1. Top 5

                                                                      Smitten Kitchen
                                                                      Amateur Gourmet
                                                                      Kalyn's Kitchen
                                                                      Pioneer Woman Cooks

                                                                        1. Zenkimchi
                                                                          And although not technically a blog, Jonathon Golds articles in L A Weekly

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                                                                            1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                              One of my friends writes the sogoodblog.com - great stuff

                                                                            2. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                              yep love zenkimchi cause duh its one of the only regularly updated korean food blogs out there.

                                                                            3. I've been trying to build up my feeds and love all the great suggestions here. Also -- I'm from Chicago and mention local stuff on [http://homemakershabitat.blogspot.com "my own blog"], but haven't found many other Chicago-area bloggers. Can anyone recommend?