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Fantastic coffee

Right next to where "Big Cup" used to be on 8th ave. and 22nd st. there is a small coffee bar called "Java Boy." It's a bar at night and coffee bar all day. So far I have only gotten iced coffee and it's great-very strong with a deep flavor. They also serve various muffins that look really good. This place is definately better then the Starbucks right across the street and, in fact, one of the best cups of java I've had!

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  1. Good to know. So far the best coffee I've had in the city is from Joe's Coffee (9 E 13th Street; 141 Waverly).

    Anyone have other favorite coffee spots? Seems like such a challenge to get a quality latte in the city!

    1. I really like the regular coffee at Grey Dog's on Carmine and at Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan St. The cappucino at Via Quadronno on 73rd is as good as it gets outside of Italy.

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        I like Grey Dog sometimes as well, but it depends substantially on who is behind the machine-- they have a few employees there who don't seem to know how to pull an espresso shot. But in the right hands, the coffee's great.

        My personal faves are (Casa) Cupcake Cafe and Oren's. Then Joe's, and then a whole host of others.


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          I think "Casa cupcake cafe closed?

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            No. It's open. Casa Cupcake just merged with its sister business, Cupcake Cafe. Both now operate out of the Casa Cupcake digs, although all the baking is done at the 18th Street Cupcake Cafe kitchens.


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              oh yeah Oren's, they used to be my favorite cup of regular coffee--I think there is one in Grand Central, I used to go to the Waverly Place location just east of Wash Sq Park

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            Agree with you about Via Quadronno...just wonderful. Also check out SiCaffé at Lexington between 70th & 71st....stylish setting with superb cappucino, espresso (& etc)...

          3. oooh, yes, joe's!!! that's my absolute fave. but elephant and castle's latte is a very very close second.

            1. I've only had it once, but I had a great latte at Billy's Bakery, on 9th Avenue in Chelsea. Of course, many places can get lucky and make a great latte once; the real test is whether they can do so consistently.

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                I've gotten coffee and latte from Billy's several times and it was nothing great. In fact it was mediocre at best.

              2. Although I appreciate Joe (they make outstanding espresso drinks), my heart is with Jack's (w.10th b/t Greenwich Ave & Waverly). Their stir-brewed coffee is the most consistent and smooth I've ever had. Great espresso there as well. Grey Dog's regular coffee is also great, their iced-coffee is what's their standout. Their coffee is a little chocolatey and that really translates to iced.
                A great newcomer is Think!Coffee (Mercer b/t w.4th and w.3rd). Very good fair trade coffee and one of the biggest and coolest shops I've seen in New York.

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                  I really like Think Coffee too. Cafe Angenlique, on Bleeker btwn Broadway and Crosby is pretty good too.

                  There are more at http://www.cupofnyc.com

                2. Oren's is my favourite in the city, I also like Once Upon A Tart's coffee. Maybe not a coffeeshop but the little coffeecart on Broadway and Bleecker has descent coffee as well.
                  I did not like the Think!Coffee, they use Puerto Rico Importing Co's coffees... I will have to try Jack's though...

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                    Think Coffee's iced coffee is the best I've ever had. They were listed in NY Mag's iced coffee article because they cold brew their iced coffee. I have no idea what that means, but I do know that I am consistenly amazed how it can be so much better than other iced coffee without tasting "different" in any way. Not sure if I'm making sense...

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                      My brother, who works at Think, explains it thus: Take 5lbs of ground coffee, place it into a fine mesh sack and submerge it in 5 gallons of cold/tepid water and let it sit for 4-5 hours. You will probably want to cut the recipe back down a bit for personal use. It goes without saying, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway, that you should use good coffee.

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                        i really enjoyed the iced coffee at Think Coffee. antjones9, thanks for the instructions...i like the easy ratios. btw, any idea on the grind size of the coffee beans?

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                        I tried their regular coffee and could not drink it. But I will give a try to the iced coffee, it sounds interesting. By the way, I tried Jack's and it was terrific!!!!

                    2. I absolutely love Joe's coffee. I've been loyal ever since I've moved to NYC for the past 8 years. They have awesome lattes. But I like to try other places for coffee and I find Jack's coffee really good too.

                      1. Cafe Tina on Prince Street has wonderful espresso and cafe latte, and Amy's Bread in Hell's Kitchen has a consistently good regular cup of joe.

                        1. i've tried java boy before - the coffee was decent, but i didn't like it enough to go back. i was living in that area and always searching for a good coffee place in the vicinity. the best i came up with was the coffee at le gamin on 9th avenue and 21st street. i love jack's, and joe's is quite good as well. chocolate bar also makes a nice brew - and you can get some yummy treats to go with it.

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                            Funny, I work around that area and I too am always looking for a good cup--I tried le gamin and thought their coffee was nothing to speak of.

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                              yeah, it's definitely not great. but all the coffee around there is so bad that i'd rather drink okay coffee. : )

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                              Le Gamin at 21st and 9th used to be my favourite too, but I can't get the same quality any more... Same goes for the rest of the Gamins that just popped up around the city again...

                            3. Someone told me of a coffee shop 6th ave near 57th that was run by a fanatic ... couldn't find it, anyone know what that person might have been referring to?

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                                  Yes it must of been Zibetto, read the blurb in NYM (THANKS), disappointed that he uses imported coffee that will likely be a bit long in the tooth!

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                                    i've had the espresso, regular and shakerato, and it's pretty gloriously good, definitely the best in the area. i also like the espresso drinks at tarallucci e vino in the east village. and ditto to the regular and iced coffee at grey dog's

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                                      also disappointed in how they pull the shot. resulting espresso was ok.

                                2. anyone have a link to the new york magazine profile of coffee joints around manhattan, i think there was mentioned a joint on the ues that is supposed to be really great.

                                  oh, the article was just reviewing ice coffee drinks as a side note.

                                  1. I started a separate thread on it a day or so ago, but Aroma Coffee Bar, a small Israeli chain, just opened at the corner of Houtson and Greene. I had a wonderful capuccino there on opening night. And it's open 24-hours-a-day.

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                                      what's this one related to? like some of the menu items. is it kosher? and what are some of the menu items? thanks, i think there is one in LA too, it's called Aroma Cafe, just wanted to see if it's part and parcel of the same chain.

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                                        Some preopening reports on Aroma said the Soho shop would be the first outside Israel.

                                        1. re: squid kun

                                          I'm pretty sure this is their first outside of Israel. I didn't study the menu, but I think it was mostly sandwiches, salads and pastries. Unfortunately their English-language website is not up yet, but if you read hebrew check out http://www.aroma.co.il

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                                            Per their website, they have sixty cafes in Israel and Houston & Greene will be first one outside Israel.

                                    2. In my search for a decent iced coffee near my office in midtown, I was very pleasantly surprised by the offerings at the ING Direct cafe on 49th and Madison. They use Peet's beans, and their iced coffee was very tasty. I would have never guessed that a place run by a bank could make a quality cup, but this one is a cut above the typical Starbucks/overpriced deli options in the area.

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                                        Peet's is GREAT coffee! There's one right by where I go to school (in Chicago...), but I don't think there are any here. They would bury Starbucks, easily.

                                      2. Is Java Boy related to Java Girl, the excellent "Friends"-style coffee shop that has been operating for several years on 66th between 1st and 2nd?

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                                          Hmm I don't think so but I will ask the next time I go.

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                                            Java Boy is related to Java Girl. I asked the counter person the other morning.

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                                              Java Girl is NOT realated to Java Boy, if you ask at Java Boy, they'll tell you they are because the vibe at Java Girl kicks ass. Java girl and Sassy's Sliders are the only reasons I go back to the upper east.

                                          2. Think Coffee at 248 Mercer Street is my favorite spot for coffee. The space is big and comfortable and the coffee is delicious and all organic/shade grown. They even use milk from an organic Hudson Valley micro producer.

                                            1. I really like Porto Rico Coffee Company. I'm always happy with the quality of the coffee, and it's one of the cheapest cups I've ever had. Everyone who works at the shop on St. Mark's is very knowledgable and good at recommending beans I might enjoy. There's no place to sit (and rarely much place to stand!) but I'm a no-frills coffee kind of gal, so it's perfect for me.

                                              1. i can't believe no one mentioned mud coffee on 9th bet 1st and 2nd and at astor place. I think its the best downtown

                                                1. I have been to Mudd, I used to think Joe's was the best but there are only a handful of coffee spots that actually roast their own coffee. One of them is Buzz in Brooklyn which is solid but the best place for espresso or coffee is definately 9th St. Espresso. They roast their own beans twice a week to ensure freshness and the barristas their are incredible with their latte art. This place is better than Italy.

                                                  1. 9th st is definitely the best for espresso

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                                                      Ninth Street Espresso is my favorite place for espresso...triple ristrettos on a Synesso. They're serving nice blends (currently Toscano and Five Country) from Counter Culture Coffee. The baristas are well trained and pour good latte art.

                                                    2. Has anyone tried Gimme Coffee? I know it's in Williamsburg, but they pull a delicious espresso. All triple ristretto pours. Definitely worth the trip.

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                                                        I agree, Gimme makes very nice coffee. Oslo is also good but I don't care for the scene at Oslo. The Verb is my regular joint. Their lattes are good but the regular coffee is like tar.

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                                                          Gimme! does a good job...has well-trained baristas and roasts their own coffee. If you're out in Brooklyn (Greenpoint), I would highly recommend Cafe Grumpy. A nice space with art gallery in the rear. They're currently serving coffees from Counter Culture Coffee and Ecco Caffe. For those familiar with Cup of Excellence, they're also carrying some of those coffees as well. You can also have your coffee prepared via French press.

                                                      2. Taralucci e vino (e 10th/1st) has my favorite espresso.
                                                        Haven't been to their Union Square branch (18th or 19th just west of Bway).

                                                          1. Blue Spoon Coffee Company (www.bluespooncoffee.com) by City Hall. Serving Intelligentsia coffees...a house blend for Blue Spoon and the Black Cat espresso blend.

                                                            1. financier (stone street) makes a great cup of coffee, as does oren's, and the mud truck on wall street.

                                                              1. Anyone looking for a good cup of coffee in Chelsea should head to Cafe Grumpy's new location on 20th St. between 7th. and 8 th. Top notch espresso drinks from great beans, made by people who know what they are doing. Also, if you want a brewed cup, they are probably the only place in town using the new Clover single cup brewing machines, which make excellent coffee.

                                                                1. If you're in the Village, I would check out Cafe Collage (189 Bleecker Street at MacDougal Street), which is on the same block as Porto Rico. All coffee are French press offerings (pre-made or individual press pot) and are prepared with beans from Intelligentsia Coffee. On the 3-group Synesso they prepare espresso-based drinks with Intelligentsia's Black Cat. Drinks are poured to traditional volumes. There's a good amount of table seating and seated bar to enjoy the free wifi.