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Jul 5, 2006 11:22 PM

Fantastic coffee

Right next to where "Big Cup" used to be on 8th ave. and 22nd st. there is a small coffee bar called "Java Boy." It's a bar at night and coffee bar all day. So far I have only gotten iced coffee and it's great-very strong with a deep flavor. They also serve various muffins that look really good. This place is definately better then the Starbucks right across the street and, in fact, one of the best cups of java I've had!

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  1. Good to know. So far the best coffee I've had in the city is from Joe's Coffee (9 E 13th Street; 141 Waverly).

    Anyone have other favorite coffee spots? Seems like such a challenge to get a quality latte in the city!

    1. I really like the regular coffee at Grey Dog's on Carmine and at Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan St. The cappucino at Via Quadronno on 73rd is as good as it gets outside of Italy.

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        I like Grey Dog sometimes as well, but it depends substantially on who is behind the machine-- they have a few employees there who don't seem to know how to pull an espresso shot. But in the right hands, the coffee's great.

        My personal faves are (Casa) Cupcake Cafe and Oren's. Then Joe's, and then a whole host of others.



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          I think "Casa cupcake cafe closed?

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            No. It's open. Casa Cupcake just merged with its sister business, Cupcake Cafe. Both now operate out of the Casa Cupcake digs, although all the baking is done at the 18th Street Cupcake Cafe kitchens.



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              oh yeah Oren's, they used to be my favorite cup of regular coffee--I think there is one in Grand Central, I used to go to the Waverly Place location just east of Wash Sq Park

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            Agree with you about Via Quadronno...just wonderful. Also check out SiCaffé at Lexington between 70th & 71st....stylish setting with superb cappucino, espresso (& etc)...

          3. oooh, yes, joe's!!! that's my absolute fave. but elephant and castle's latte is a very very close second.

            1. I've only had it once, but I had a great latte at Billy's Bakery, on 9th Avenue in Chelsea. Of course, many places can get lucky and make a great latte once; the real test is whether they can do so consistently.

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                I've gotten coffee and latte from Billy's several times and it was nothing great. In fact it was mediocre at best.

              2. Although I appreciate Joe (they make outstanding espresso drinks), my heart is with Jack's (w.10th b/t Greenwich Ave & Waverly). Their stir-brewed coffee is the most consistent and smooth I've ever had. Great espresso there as well. Grey Dog's regular coffee is also great, their iced-coffee is what's their standout. Their coffee is a little chocolatey and that really translates to iced.
                A great newcomer is Think!Coffee (Mercer b/t w.4th and w.3rd). Very good fair trade coffee and one of the biggest and coolest shops I've seen in New York.

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                  I really like Think Coffee too. Cafe Angenlique, on Bleeker btwn Broadway and Crosby is pretty good too.

                  There are more at