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Jul 5, 2006 11:15 PM

Wine Club?

Looking to join a wine club that sends bottle(s) of wines each month via the post. Any recommendations to any nice clubs? This would make a nice gift to others as well, as, a nice present to myself.

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  1. Here are two very recent discussions about this topic. You can type "wine club" into the search engine and find older conversations.

    1. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. On a recent trip to Napa area, we stopped by this store: The Wine Garage in Calistoga. Very knowledgeable people, who were able to quickly recommend great wines based on my meager list of wines that I've tried and liked. Nothing in the store is over $25, even though retail price of many of these is well above $25. Anyway, they told me about their wine clubs and though I haven't joined because I don't consume much wine, it sounded like a good deal. Here's their main site: and here's a link with wine club details:

        1. We have been members of

          Robert Sinskey's wine club ( - or on the Silverado Trail in Napa) for 2 years and never had a bottle that was not outstanding

          ..........oh, there was one shipment that had an "average" tasting which we received an email a few days later saying that there was a "problem" with the vintage (not food safety related, it was more in the body and content) and they offered us our money back and then some. They could not stand having anything less than top quality circulating out there.....

          His wife is a chef so each shipment always comes with something cooking related (utensil, dish or jar of sauce, etc). and some recipes.

          Sunset Magazine also has a wine club that I've been intrigued by. I love everything they do and since they are located so close to both Napa and Sonoma, how can they go wrong?

          We go wine tasting every 3 months to fill up our cellar in addition to being members of R S's and St Clement's wine clubs so I haven't tried Sunset's.

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            I would second the Sinskey wine club. We've been in it for probably 5 years and it's just awesome. Plus, if you are a "chowhound" as mentioned his wife is a chef, was at Plumpjack Cafe in SF for years. So, every shipment comes with a gourmet item, recipe and food pairing suggestions. And, they work.

            1. re: rtmonty

              I'm curious, what kind of gourmet items are we talking about? Like, utensils, or is it more of an oil and salt sort of thing? Are they included in the price or free? I'm always looking for an interesting wine club alternative.

              1. re: nagrom

                They vary and yes, they are for free.
                Let's see...they've sent a special hot sauce, BBQ or recipe additive, an interesting pasta/rice, panko, a casserole dish, chinese steamer basket....things like that.

          2. I joined the Vinter's Collective's wine club when I was in Napa this summer. The first shipment is scheduled to arrive by the end of September. I will report back on what was received.

            From their website:

            Vintner's Collective is the first of it's kind in Napa Valley, a multi-winery tasting room that is home to twenty of the most experienced and talented winemakers in the Valley. The man behind Vintner's Collective is Garret Murphy, who dreamed of creating a place where wine lovers could taste the wines of some of the best winemakers in Napa Valley, and where smaller wineries without their own tasting room could showcase their wines and introduce them to consumers. With a little Irish luck and good intuition, the location for Vintner's Collective in the landmark Pfeiffer building made the idea a reality, and current changes and growth in downtown Napa made for good timing.

            The wonderful, lively past of downtown Napa is alive again, and the Pfeiffer Building has a new and noble purpose: to be a tasting room for the wonderful wines of some of Napa Valley's most talented Vintners.

            We are proud to work with the wonderful vintners showcased at Vintner's Collective, who are a wonderful group of people in addition to being wonderful winemakers. Their elegant, well-crafted wines are the tangible result of their experience, passion and commitment to quality. These wines are some of the most sought after wines in the world.