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Jul 5, 2006 11:03 PM

Dinner in Sonoma (the town)

Please compare and contrast the General's Daughter, Cafe LaHaye and LaSalette. Food and wine (the latter at "reasonable" cost) are important to me followed by less noise (than more) and reasonable service. I do not care about decore. Thanks.

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  1. Cafe LaHaye is a "general" favorite because it is classic Cal-Fusion cuisine that has ceased to thrill me. It is consistently good with perfect service. General's Daughter is getting rave reviews because the chef is from South Carolina and is infusing some Southern ingedients that are a tad rare in these parts (grits with fresh crab, etc). His work is enthusiastic and the quality shows. La Salette is Portuguese and is hard to compare to the other two -- it has also been getting great reviews and should be avoided during high traffic times (I like it better at lunch).

    The wine list at La Salette is most interesting for its showcasing of Portguese wines which are a rarity in the wine country. The other two restaurants have most of the standard Sonoma wines, which La Salette has as well. The atmosphere at GD is a bit more on the elegant side, Cafe LaHaye a bit more trendy, and La Salette pretty nifty if you can sit near the wood-fire stove. Highlights at La Salette are definitely the rolls and the sardines, IMHO. General's Daughter has the least noise and Cafe La Haye the most but, as I indicated, La Salette can get a bit chaotic on a busy weekend night.

    Hope that helps!

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      I gather you don't really care for Cafe LaHaye. What kind of Cal fusion is it: Cal-Med, Cal-Ital, Cal-French?