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Jul 5, 2006 10:51 PM

Trader Joes discountinued its canned smoked trout:( - anyone else sell this?

TJs smoked canned trout was delicious & cheap, something like $2.50 a can (like a sardine or smoked oyster can). It was perfect for single servings, but alas, like many of my other TJs favorites (frozen falafel), it has departed. Does any other company sell such an item? I know I can get the vaccuum pack bags but they are more expensive ($7-10) and definitely more than one serving, plus have to be refrigerated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. My local TJ's in Westchester, NY still has plenty. The brand that packages the TJ's smoked trout and smoked herring is a German company called Appel. It is exactly the same product. They are readily available in European style delis, high end supermarkets, and online.

    1. I was wondering who else was buying all that trout! I searched every TJ's in the city (San Francisco) when I noticed the North Beach location was out, and yes, was told on Friday they have indeed discontinued it. It is so great for a quick lunch, and no hassle, and delicious! With all of this in mind I will keep my eyes open for a similiar product and post here if I find one. Do they have TJ's in Hawaii? That's my next destination, wish Westchester, NY was...

      1. Any luck finding any? Someone posted a "what to do with" post on Home Cooking, but I don't know where they found it. I am selfishly reposting to try to resurrect the search. Please, please, please.

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          Have you found the Appel brand near you or in TJ's? It is the exact same product.

        2. The original comment has been removed