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Best Hotdog in Chicago

Hey fellow chowhounds. i just moved to chicago and have quickly come to love the chicago hot dog, and am now on the mission to find the best of the best. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. There's a bunch I like:

    Gene & Jude's in River Grove
    Weiner's Circle

    To me it's all about the celery salt, onions, pickles and sport peppers. YUM.

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      The Fluky's on Western Ave has been renamed "U Lucky Dawg". The name change happened in February.

      To this list I'd at Hot Doug's (which has a ton of great sausages in addition to Chicago-style hot dogs, plus fries cooked in duck fat). If you are willing to travel to Evanston, two excellent places are Mustard's Last Stand (next to the Northwestern football stadium) and The Wiener and Still Champion.

    2. I think the BEST hot dog in Chicago is Fat Johnny's on 71st and Western. Get the fat one with everything.

      1. for the do-it-yourselfer the best hot in chicago is available at Romanian Kosher Suasage Company in rogers park = Touhy and Clark

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          Hot Dougs on California south of Addison is excellent. Huey's Hot Dog's at in Andersonville at Clark and Balmoral is warm and nieghborhoody and of coure has great dogs and burgers.
          Super Dawg on the northwest side is a hot dog institution...a must see.

          HOMEMADE Wieners:
          I went to Paulina Meat Market on Lincoln Avenue south of Addison the other day. Their wieners are really good as well. Also try Lincoln Market at Lincoln and Leland for great wieners. Anyway, I love Paulina Meat Market. The veal brat's and many other sausage varieties are top notch. My only complaint is the lack of price tags on the meat products...they seem like a great bunch of guys but still, I prefer to buy things with price tags.

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            One more rec for the do-it-yourselfer: the Vienna Beef Factory Store, on Damen Ave. They sell the same stuff you'd get in most of the hot dog joints around town -- same dogs, condiments, etc. Many of these are sold in local grocery stores. The factory store, though, also sells bulk sizes, for those time when you need 40 lbs of vienna beef dogs for a party.

            I agree that the dogs at Romanian and Paulina are excellent.

        2. I second Weiner's Circle - make sure you get fries as well. Just...don't go at night unless you can stoumach strong language.

          1. This is great information, thanks!

            1. Hot Doug's is for the esoteric (more exotic "encased meats" such as alligator when the mood (and availabilty) strikes Doug, the owner. Weiner's Circle is good but principally known for their wild, mutual insult repartee with the post-bar crowd.
              There are many outstanding places, but I find Superdawg on Milwaukee & Devon to be the best (not that I nor anybody else, I suspect, could possibly try them all). SuperD is a 50's style Drive-in with car-hops et al. Except this is no corporate concept: it's been around forever and owned by the same family, I believe, the entire time.

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                I agree with RMaris9 (Roger Maris?) :) that Weiner Circle is best known for the late night banter with the post-bar crowd. Go earlier and avoid that stuff. They do, I think, make an excellent hot dog and they have excellent fries. Not all places give you the option of grilled onions and a grilled (rather than steamed or boiled) dog. WC offers both.

              2. I actually prefer grilled dogs so as others, so in no particluar order:

                Hot Doug's
                Weiner Circle
                Irvings (Wilmette)