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Jul 5, 2006 09:50 PM

pre-movie dinner near Clearview mall

I am not a big fan of Serrano's or Zea's. The only fairly decent place is the Chinese rest. Cafe East. Is there a good pre-movie restaurant nearby with good food? Does not have to be fancy, just good.

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  1. Not sure how "near" you need it to be...Siamese Thai is right across from the Vets entrance to Lafreniere Park, not too far away, and reasonably quick/uncrowded. Sal & Sam's is within rock-throwing distance of the mall, as is Houston's (just across Vets).

    1. I second Celeste's options, and would like to add that Fat City is nearby with Drago's and Crazy Johnny's, and Bozo's is off Causeway. I think Cafe Equator (Thai) is open, and Acme Oyster House is not too far on Veterans.