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Jul 5, 2006 09:50 PM

Somalian food

I am planning to trek down to San Diego next week, and would like to sample some Somalian food (which I've never tried before) in Little Mogadishu. I've read about Awash, but it sounds like the Ethopean there is better than the Somalian fare. I don't think there are any Somalian restaurants to be found in the L.A. area, but would love to find out if there are any (as per my quest for unusual ethnic foods: see Otherwise, does anyone have recommendations for where to find good Somalian in San Diego?

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  1. Interesting website (once the offending close parenthesis is removed). Note recent thread here regarding Macau Street in Monterey Park, if you hadn't tried it already.

    1. I posted about a Somali restaurant several years ago. I have not been back.

      Since I can't figure out how to link to the post, here it is:

      "We were hungry for Ethiopian food, but it was Sunday afternoon and both Asmara (my favorite) and Awash (formerly Cafe Legare) were closed, so just as my friend Greg says "lets just look for something interesting" we turned onto University and I spotted a sign reading "Restaurant Afrique" (at 50th). The place was open and since the sign claimed that they served Somali, Ethiopian, and Sudanese food it seemed just what we were looking for.

      We were welcomed graciously and, when the Owner (?) came over and told us that they did serve Mediterranean food like spaghetti, we told him we wanted real food like Ethiopian. He then told us that they only served Somali food, had been open only a week, and had no menu, and then he told us that he would bring us some of everything they had. We said great and he made us move to a bigger table so there would be enough room for all the food.

      And alot of food it was. After a pitcher of water and a pitcher of orange juice were put on the table, it seemed like every minute our waiter would bring us another dish. My favorite was the wonderfully spiced, scented rice--with cinamon, saffron, raisons, etc. Then came the goat pieces grilled with veggies like peppers and onions, the grilled chicken breast slices with a lot of lettuce and tomato garnish, beef grilled with similar veggies as the goat, but more highly spiced, turmeric chicken chunks, spaghetti and slightly bitter tomato sauce, cous-cous, watermelon slices, and bananas.

      All the food was good, if not spectacular. It was not as complex in spicing as Ethiopian, but there was an emphasis on freshness. We could hardly argue with the price--the feast cost us a total of $31. The place seemed to be doing good business as there were 4 or 5 other tables full of Somali men. In general, we were graciously treated and welcomed . . ."

      Originally posted June 26, 2002

      1. Great post - thanks. I wish I could go, but the place was burned down by an arsonist two years ago (and I haven't found anything to indicate that it was rebuilt):

        Do you know of any other restaurants in SD where I can find Somali food? I can't find a thing on the web, calling around hasn't helped, and I would prefer to have a destination over driving around Little Mogadishu at random (I'm heading there on Monday).

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Apparently any links to restaurant reviews at the San Diego Reader get deleted on this board. There is a Somalian restaurant in SD called "Taste of African Cuisine" at 5241 University Ave. You can find a review at the SD Reader: Go to their webpage, than click on restaurants, click on reviews from "Naomi Wise" (you will get the most recent one), Go to the end of the side, there is a link to her old reviews. The one your looking for is called "Much Ado About Muufo"