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Any roof top patio's for a lovely dinner?

I have been to Canoe, Scaramouche and the CN Tower is way too cheezy. Looking for Something special with a nice view for my Mom's 60th ...

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  1. Patio + view = a tough one, I think, beyond the spots you've mentioned. There's The Fifth, now revamped as a steak spot. If you're okay with a pretty patio and great food but no real view, I'd suggest George. Also, I'm not sure if it's open yet but Jamie Kennedy has a new restaurant at the Gardiner Ceramic Museum. Lisa Rochon previewed the renovated space in the Globe & Mail recently and raved about the gorgeous rooftop patio (not sure if you can eat out there but you may be able to drink or at least stand out there as part of the restaurant experience). Hope your mom has a nice birthday!

    1. I agree with peppermint - the 5th is a good spot. Thier venue also has tents errected over tables just incase a summer sprinkle intrudes unannnounced. The 'Terrace', as it is referred to, tends to place more emphasis on grill related cooking.

      1. I've never tried the food, but the Hyatt's Roof Lounge on the 18th floor has a spectacular view. The food I've seen being served looked incredible, but it could just be that I was hungry. Maybe someone can help here.

        1. Agree with the Fifth, lovely location and great food..You have to take an old freight elevator to get up to the fifth floor..That adds to the intrigue of the place.

          1. Panorama in the Manulife Centre has an awesome view and great cocktails - though very small menu selection that might not be what you're looking for for Mom's 60th. They also have a lot of private functions and I've been charged a cover - best to check ahead.

            1. how about Pony on College street? (actually..is it still open? I don't recall seeing it last time I zoomed by on my bike)..if it is - has a very nice patio - not exactly skysrcaper rooftop - just house-y roof top - but private and good food..

              1. Ultra supper club on Queen Street (where Bamboo used to be) has a beautiful patio and nice view of downtown. Haven't tried much of their food, but what I had (tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad) was good.

                According to their website (www.ultrasupperclub.com), they have a separate patio menu. Photos of the patio view are on their site too under "Decor" - I can't seem to view their gallery.

                Have a good celebration!

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                  The rooftop patio at Ultra is gorgeous - very cool and great location. I've only ever had drinks up there but I've eaten inside at the restaurant twice - both times, I've been pleasantly surprised with the flavours and quality of the food.

                2. I was just looking at a recent string of chowhounding, and someone directed me to this website, which told me that a 7 West Cafe has a rooftop patio, at 7 Charles Street West. I think they're a lounge more than a restaurant.


                  1. If it were my mom's 60th, I would definitely go with the Roof Lounge at the Park Hyatt. It has existed since she was a young lady and still retains all of it's charm. It will no doubt take her back in time to the days when women wore hats and white gloves and men wore suits to go, well, everywhere. I have eaten there. The food, drinks, and service are good. The people that go there are remarkably friendly, not at all snobby. Casual dress is acceptable. Each time I go I come home with fond memories.