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Jul 5, 2006 09:27 PM

Where should I eat for my birthday? (Baltimore)

Want to try somewhere new. Price/cuisine not important.

I've been to Black Olive, Pazo, Timothy Dean, Brass Elephant, b, Kali's, Birches, Oregon Grill.

I haven't been to Peter's Inn, Bicycle, Salt, Corks, Aldo's, Sotto Sopra (off the top of my head).

Any help making up my mind would be much appreciated.

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    1. re: ko1

      Ditto. I'd choose Saffron over just about anything right now.

    2. I cast my vote for THE PRIME RIB

      1. I would say Peter's or Henniger's for casual fun.

        If price is no issue, Charleston.

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        1. re: Tugboat

          I have to concede, if they haven't done Charleston and have the cash, it is the pick in B-more.

        2. I have not been since the renovations, but I would hope you can still go to the bar there and just have a glass of wine and the cheese course. It is (or was) a bargain for $10 a person. It is worth a trip if they still do it.

          1. Charleston, by Far. Great service, food and ambiance.
            Not sure about the cheese course, but there is a limited tapas like menu of food you can get at the bar