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Where should I eat for my birthday? (Baltimore)

Want to try somewhere new. Price/cuisine not important.

I've been to Black Olive, Pazo, Timothy Dean, Brass Elephant, b, Kali's, Birches, Oregon Grill.

I haven't been to Peter's Inn, Bicycle, Salt, Corks, Aldo's, Sotto Sopra (off the top of my head).

Any help making up my mind would be much appreciated.

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    1. re: ko1

      Ditto. I'd choose Saffron over just about anything right now.

    2. I cast my vote for THE PRIME RIB

      1. I would say Peter's or Henniger's for casual fun.

        If price is no issue, Charleston.

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        1. re: Tugboat

          I have to concede, if they haven't done Charleston and have the cash, it is the pick in B-more.

        2. I have not been since the renovations, but I would hope you can still go to the bar there and just have a glass of wine and the cheese course. It is (or was) a bargain for $10 a person. It is worth a trip if they still do it.

          1. Charleston, by Far. Great service, food and ambiance.
            Not sure about the cheese course, but there is a limited tapas like menu of food you can get at the bar

            1. Price no object: Saffron or Charleston

              Less Chow-mentioned, but still very good, slightly lower price/formality level: Petite Louis, Helmand, Brasserie Tatin, Chameleon Cafe, La Cazuela

              "for the experience": Marticks, The Prime Rib

              For informality, good food, and the experience of having EVERYBODY in the place (chef, hostess, customers, passersby) singing "Happy Birthday" and sounding like they really, sincerely, mean it: Ras Doobies

              1. I vote for Bicycle. I've been there a few times. Haven't been let down.

                1. Thanks for the recommends, all. Ended up going to Saffron. It was terrific! Had the porcini and truffle 4 cheese ravioli, the asian salmon on risotto and the bananna spring roll desert (that one stole the show. SO good).