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Jul 5, 2006 09:25 PM

Where to eat on La Brea this Friday evening?

Mme ZoeZ and I do not often venture east of Beverly Glen let alone east of La Cienega so we need some recs for dinner with a friend in the La Brea area (which I assured him are full of excrusiatingly trendy restaurants). Now I have to deliver, please help. Frenchy is good or ?

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  1. The best high end restaurant on La Brea remains Campanile but Sonora Cafe can also be good. For Italian, Ca' Brea is usually reliable. If you are willing to venture further East than La Brea, Providence on Melrose makes a great addition to the list for seafood and Xiomara (also on Melrose) offers good Nuevo Cubano. Moving back to the West, Beverly Blvd. between La Brea and Fairfax offers three more great options: Angelini Osteria, Grace and Hatfield's all come to mind.

    1. All fabulous recommendations from New Trial - I'd also suggest Providence on Melrose and Jar on Beverly, west of Fairfax. For a little less dough, there's also Ammo on Highland, Taste on Melrose (near La Cienega) and Tart, the new somewhat controversial (on this board, anyway) restaurant on Fairfax. Oh! And Chameau, also on Fairfax - I hear it's sublime.