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Jul 5, 2006 09:21 PM

D/FW this weekend

NY gals in their 30s who love to eat will be in town from thurs - mon and we need recommendations for some groovy places to chow and drink at??? Not looking for anything too stuffy or "old", although if it is a MUST eat then we can do it. We have a car. Also looking for something we can't get at home. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. There are lots of fun places near the Knox-Henderson area in Dallasthat are fun for drinks/food. Cuba Libre is a personal favorite (great patio), I also like Metro Grill.

    Though not the best food ever, Iron Cactus (downtown Dallas) has a nice rooftop patio and a decent tequila selection. And it's within walking distance to some good bars, I like Fuse & Obar.

    1. For your trip I would recommend Primo's for Tex Mex, Dragonfly at the Hotel Zaza for drinks and a few bites, Lola for one great meal (ask Van to help you with the fabulous wine list), lunch at Cafe Pacific or the Mansion on Turtle Creek to experience Dallas high society along with some pretty good chow, dinner at the Green Room to experience Deep Ellum, and a breakfast at La Duni and Sunday Brunch at Standard--perhaps the best Sunday deal in town.

      1. Thanks for all the links and the great suggestions!!!! Can't wait!

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          You are welcome--be sure to post a trip report when you return.

        2. I know its going to be hot but, Taste of Dallas is this weekend in the West End. I know its not exciting to locals but the gals might enjoy it. But, they must understand it doesnt compare to what Dallas really has to offer.

          1. Joe T. Garcias in Ft. Worth. Sit outside on the patio. I grew up in FW, but no longer live there. This is one place I still enjoy going. I don't have Tex-Mex where I live now and must get my fix when I go back. I'm sure there are a million great tex-mex places, but Joe T's is a classic and still good.

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              C'mon, andrewt. Joe T.'s is good, but do you really think a carload of women need to drive 90 minutes roundtrip to eat food that's readily available in Dallas?

              1. re: Kirk

                You have a point Kirk. I would never drive to Dallas from FW for a tex-mex fill. But are they actually staying in Dallas? We don't know! Their scope include FW and they said they had a car, and Joe T's is fun, so I offered it up.

                Mmm... now I'm hungry for some real tex-mex!